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Adapting to Lower Cost Natural Gas   
By Jeremy Platt / May 2011

EMD’s Energy Economics and Technology Committee is a resource center for individuals with interests in business, planning and forecasting aspects of the energy industries.

Seeing Some Good News   
By Michael Campbell / February 2011

My first six months as president of the AAPG Energy Minerals Division has brought both a broader and a more detailed understanding of the energy picture in the United States and the world in general. This has resulted in new realizations and in forming new opinions on a variety of energy-related topics, some of which I would like to share with you.

Tapping Into Geothermal a Hot Idea  
By Richard Erdlac / November 2010

The last 10 years has witnessed an expansion by the oil and gas industry in the type of energy resources that are being developed. Coalbed methane, gas shales, oil sand, oil shale and tight gas sands have seen growth in numerous places worldwide as companies look for dwindling reserves to maintain operations and societal demand for greater amounts of energy production.

Oil Shales Making Cautious Progress  
By Jeremy Boak / August 2010

Despite discouraging economic conditions over the last two years, development of the world’s vast resources of oil shale continues to make progress.

Hydrates Face Key Test on North Slope   
By Art Johnson / May 2010

Gas hydrate, a crystalline compound of water and natural gas, has been touted as a vast potential energy resource for more than a decade – but realizing this potential has persistently remained beyond reach due to technical and economic hurdles.

Divisions to Cooperate on Renewables   
By Richard Bost / February 2010

It was refreshing to meet recently with Frank Walles, the Energy Minerals Division president, and Michael D. Campbell, EMD president-elect, to discuss the great opportunities that exist to help the AAPG membership stay abreast of developments within the renewable energy arena and how they may affect the membership and the energy industry in general.

Lots of Potential, Lots of Hurdles   
By Fran Hein / November 2009

As North America tries to obtain energy security it will have to rely on more unconventional resources to fulfill its energy needs over the next decades – and balanced with that is the need for stewardship of the environment and the need to develop more sustainable strategies.

EMD an Unconventional Resource   
By Frank Walles / August 2009

Are you passionate about unconventional energy resources? Would you like to learn as much as possible about the latest concepts and technologies to explore and develop these?

EMD Program Looks to Future   
By Laura Wray / May 2009

AAPG’S Energy Minerals Division (EMD) will respond to heightened awareness of global energy issues by offering an extensive and diverse selection of sessions, short courses, field trips and forums at the upcoming 2009 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set for June 7-10 in Denver.

Coal at Center of Power Shift  
/ February 2009
With its use concentrated in large power stations in most countries, it is a prime candidate for carbon capture and storage, even though technologies for this are not yet commercial – they face enormous cost hurdles and use vast amounts of energy in such steps as concentrating oxygen prior to combustion and separating CO2, not to mention a host of geo-engineering and institutional issues associated with sequestration.
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Division Column-EMD

The Energy Minerals Division (EMD), a division of AAPG, is dedicated to addressing the special concerns of energy resource geologists working with energy resources other than conventional oil and gas, providing a vehicle to keep abreast of the latest developments in the geosciences and associated technology. EMD works in concert with the Division of Environmental Geosciences to serve energy resource and environmental geologists.

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