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What Does It All Mean? Only Time Will Tell  
By Jeremy Boak / November 2013

A recent story about Shell’s withdrawal from a long-lived project on in situ production of shale oil from oil shale was an interesting example of over-interpretation of a small dataset.

Finding Focus for the Year’s Agenda  
By Jeremy Boak / August 2013

Even with a year of preparation as president-elect, I find myself stepping into the role of Energy Minerals Division (EMD) president with some trepidation.

EMD Will Have a High Profile in Pittsburgh  
By Andrea Reynolds / May 2013

In my 15 years as an AAPG member, I’ve actively been involved in planning and serving in various roles during AAPG’s Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE), particularly when I lived in Houston.

Report Offers Commodity Updates  
By Jeremy Boak, Andrea Reynolds / February 2013

The AAPG Energy Minerals Division covers many scientific disciplines and interests – and because previous EXPLORER articles featured shale gas and oil shale, this quarter will focus on highlights from this year’s EMD November Mid-Year Meeting Commodity Reports.

Bridging Public, Politics and Production  
By Andrea Reynolds / November 2012

AAPG’s Energy and Minerals Division (EMD) has been quite active throughout these last few years as “unconventional” plays have grown and expanded to become a regular part of most companies’ portfolios.

Common Wording vs. Historical Terminology  
By Jeremy Boak / August 2012

For more than 100 years, shale oil has referred to the product of pyroly­sis of oil shale, whereas oil shale refers to organic rich (kerogen) rock that has never reached the oil window.

Oh, Fraque! Changing Public Perceptions  
By Stephen Testa / May 2012

Hydraulic fracturing technology was pioneered in the mid-1940s by Halliburton, and arguably questionable as to its early success.

When Is Unconventional Conventional?  
By Stephen Testa / February 2012

If you have a pulse and have been to an AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) over the past couple of years or so, or a recent AAPG International Convention and Exhibition (ICE) such as those held in Calgary or Milan, you would have noticed.

It’s the Environment, Stupid   
By Stephen Testa / November 2011

It’s a green energy world we currently live and work in, and regardless of the merits of coal, uranium, geothermal, gas shales – and the list goes on – what we have learned over the years, and notably over the past few years, is that environmental concerns can determine, more often than not, whether our profession and industry is successful or not.

Remaining Relevant – Not a Problem!   
By Stephen Testa / August 2011

It’s a new year, with a new EMD Executive Committee and president, and there is renewed interest in unconventional and alternative energy resources.

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Division Column-EMD

The Energy Minerals Division (EMD), a division of AAPG, is dedicated to addressing the special concerns of energy resource geologists working with energy resources other than conventional oil and gas, providing a vehicle to keep abreast of the latest developments in the geosciences and associated technology. EMD works in concert with the Division of Environmental Geosciences to serve energy resource and environmental geologists.

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