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Spread the Word About DPA-Sponsored Forums  
By Michael R. Canich / October 2015
The DPA continues to work to provide scientific, business and professional support to its members through sponsored forums.
This Year’s Theme: Spreading the Word About DPA  
By Michael R. Canich / July 2015
Over the past year as DPA president-elect I considered choosing a theme for my term in office. As I spoke with active and associate AAPG members, I realized very few of them knew of all the great programs DPA offers.
DPA Offers Professional Support, Long and Short-Term  
By Rick Fritz / April 2015
It’s not surprising that the price of oil and gas has a direct effect on attendance to AAPG and DPA programs. Like you, I hope this downturn is not too deep or too wide, and we can make adjustments and continue to grow.
DPA Lays Out Goals, Strategies For Coming Year  
By Rick Fritz / January 2015

Recently, the AAPG Division of Professional Affairs held its mid-year meeting in Tulsa, and this year focused on the “Culture of Greatness” – the ability of our industry and profession to provide resources.

Top 10 Reasons to Join DPA  
/ October 2014

As AAPG Division of Professional Affairs president I am often asked, “What is the DPA’s purpose?” I decided one of the best ways to answer this question is take the Letterman approach with a Top 10 list of purposes and reasons to be part of DPA.

Season Premiere: A New Theme for DPA  
By Rick Fritz / July 2014
During my term as DPA president this year our theme will be “Culture of Greatness.” This may sound arrogant, but I think it is important to recognize and promote the culture of professionalism and discovery that has provided cheap energy for mankind for more than 100 years.
Sponsorship Change Would Be a Good Move  
By Valary Schulz / April 2014

The proposal to eliminate sponsors for membership will remove any impediment to a speedy application process by which qualified candidates for membership in our fine organization may be welcomed. I believe this will be good for the AAPG and good for the DPA.

Change By Any Name Brings New Challenges  
By Valary Schulz / January 2014

Have you ever heard a phrase in conversation or through the media and thought that you had a vague understanding of the meaning – but carried on with your misunderstanding?

DPA Offers Inaugural Reserves Forum  
By Valary Schulz / October 2013

Our principal goal for the DPA is to increase our relevance to our members – and by extension to our AAPG community, which in turn ought to make the Division attractive to new members.

New DPA Leadership Ready for a Big Year  
By Valary Schulz / July 2013

What a great privilege it is for me to serve as your president of the Division of Professional Affairs this coming year.

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Division Column-DPA

The Division of Professional Affairs (DPA), a division of AAPG, seeks to promote professionalism and ethical standards, provide a means for professional certification of petroleum geologists, coal geologists, and petroleum geophysicists, assist in career planning, and improve the professional well-being of AAPG members. For more information about the DPA and its activities, visit the DPA website.

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