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Change By Any Name Brings New Challenges  
By Valary Schulz / January 2014

Have you ever heard a phrase in conversation or through the media and thought that you had a vague understanding of the meaning – but carried on with your misunderstanding?

DPA Offers Inaugural Reserves Forum  
By Valary Schulz / October 2013

Our principal goal for the DPA is to increase our relevance to our members – and by extension to our AAPG community, which in turn ought to make the Division attractive to new members.

New DPA Leadership Ready for a Big Year  
By Valary Schulz / July 2013

What a great privilege it is for me to serve as your president of the Division of Professional Affairs this coming year.

DPA Riding Wave of Momentum  
By Charles Sternbach / April 2013

In 2006 I had the privilege to serve as the general chairman for the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston. 

Playmaker Forum Debuts This Month  
By Charles Sternbach / January 2013

My vision for DPA this year: Empowering geologists to find oil and succeed in business.

DPA Plans ‘Play Maker’ Forum  
By Charles Sternbach / October 2012

DPA can play an important role in developing the professionalism required to generate prospects, discoveries and exploration workflows.

From Prospect to Discovery, ‘Professional’ Leads the Way  
By Charles Sternbach / July 2012

It is a great privilege for me to serve AAPG as Division of Professional Affairs president this year. 

DPA Has Big Plans for Long Beach  
By Marty Hewitt / April 2012

Following the DPA annual meeting, we will hold our annual awards dinner at Sir Winston’s on the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor. 

DPA Executives Approve Dues Increase  
By Marty Hewitt / January 2012

The DPA’s Mid-Year meeting was held Nov. 5 in Plano, Texas, and was attended by 17 people, including the DPA’s Executive Committee, councilors and committee chairs along with AAPG Divisions manager Norma Newby.

DPA Sets Objectives for the Year   
By Marty Hewitt / October 2011

As mentioned in my July EXPLORER column, the DPA continue to build on last year’s business plan that was formulated by Dan Tearpock’s Executive Committee – and to kick-off our 2011-12 term, our DPA EC held a half-day summit in early August along with key committee chairs to brainstorm our objectives for the term.

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Division Column-DPA

The Division of Professional Affairs (DPA), a division of AAPG, seeks to promote professionalism and ethical standards, provide a means for professional certification of petroleum geologists, coal geologists, and petroleum geophysicists, assist in career planning, and improve the professional well-being of AAPG members. For more information about the DPA and its activities, visit the DPA website.

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