Appreciation for a Year of Service  
By Timothy Murin / June 2017

I have very much enjoyed representing the Division as its president. It has given me the opportunity to work with all levels of AAPG membership in the United States and internationally. AAPG is truly a global organization.

State of the DEG  
By Timothy Murin / March 2017

Now that my term is two-thirds over, it seems an appropriate time for a brief summary of the current state of the Division: what it has accomplished and what accomplishments are planned for the next four months.

A Tale of Four Cities  
By Timothy Murin / December 2016

From mid-September through mid-October, I had the unique opportunity to represent the Division of Environmental Geosciences at four events, and want to share some of the highlights with you.

Bridging the Gap Between Perspective and Reality  
By Timothy Murin / September 2016

We must be sure that our perspectives have a solid foundation of facts, supported by other research and explained in a true, unbiased manner that can stand up to scrutiny from other scientists and the public.

Perceptions and Reality of Energy Resources  
By Jeff Aldrich / June 2016

Quick, name three nuclear power plants. What word describes them? If you are like most of the North American or European public, the names that come to mind would be “Fukushima,” “Chernobyl” and maybe “Three Mile Island.” According to Gallup, the most common term used to describe nuclear energy is “dangerous.” Ask the same public to name three oil or gas fields and the most common terms associated with them might be “Macondo,” “Exxon Valdez” and “Garland.”

The ‘Other’ AAPG Bulletin: Environmental Geosciences  
By Jeff Aldrich / March 2016

The AAPG Bulletin is the flagship publication of the AAPG and is a publication we can all be justifiably proud of. How many of you realize that the AAPG publishes a second scientific bulletin that is just as technically excellent with a long history of publishing cutting-edge research? I am talking about the DEG’s Environmental Geosciences (EG), which has been in publication for over 20 years.

Once Again, Get Ready to Survive the Rollercoaster  
By Jeff Aldrich / December 2015

Last year at about this time, I looked back and hoped we would be going through an oil price shock similar to 2008; instead it has become apparent that we are facing something different and much more akin to the 1980s.

By Jeff Aldrich / September 2015
“Don’t you care about the environment?” DEG’s founder and first president – and an AAPG past president and legend – Bruno Hanson directly challenged me with that question.
DEG Members’ Role: Filling the Information Gap  
By Jeffrey Paine / June 2015
This seems to be the way public opinion is shaped on most any hot topic: There is quite a bit of early, incomplete information to feed the public’s interest, and this early activity disproportionately shapes society’s attitude and ultimate response.
DEG Invites Open Dialogue  
By Jeffrey Paine / March 2015

DEG has two principal venues to reach members and the public through the written word.These commonly serve as discussion starters and are intended to maintain lively debate and discourse within the DEG community.

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The Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG), a division of AAPG, is concerned with increasing awareness of the environment and the petroleum industry and providing AAPG with a scientific voice in the public arena. Among its objectives are educating members about important environmental issues, supporting and encouraging research on the effects of exploration and production on the environment, and communicating scientific information to concerned governmental agencies.

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