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Director’s Corner

Books Continue Legacy of AAPG   
By Rick Fritz / October 2009

This year you will have a tremendous opportunity to examine a portion of the treasury of knowledge provided by some of the top geoscientists in the world.

Vision Quest: Delivering the Goods   
By Rick Fritz / September 2009

Headquarters staff has been in the process of reviewing AAPG’s strategic plan in preparation of updating our business plan. It was good to see that AAPG members and staff have been very successful in reaching many of the goals set in the original strategic plan.

Our Goal: No Geologist Left Behind   
By Rick Fritz / August 2009

As part of the focus on providing the best science, AAPG is reviewing all of our products and services against the needs of the membership.

AAPG Denver Convention: Wow!   
By Rick Fritz / July 2009

Wow! That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this year’s Annual Conference and Exhibition, or ACE 2009, in Denver.

There Are Good Reasons to be Bullish  
By Rick Fritz / June 2009

Executive Director, Rick Fritz, recalls what it was like to be a rookie petroleum geologist.

Denver a Great Place for New Ideas   
By Rick Fritz / May 2009

I heard a comedian say, “Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up – ’cause they’re looking for ideas.”

Opportunities Exist Now for AAPG   
By Rick Fritz / April 2009

I am writing my column as I am returning from a very successful APPEX meeting in London, where I had the privilege of attending an open house of the new AAPG European Office in London.

Association Budget OK – for Now  
By Rick Fritz / March 2009

Six months into fiscal year 2008-09, AAPG’s financial health continues to be sound. However, with the current economic recession, the question is, “How will AAPG fare financially the next couple of years?”

Quote: Education Is Opportunity  
By Rick Fritz / February 2009
During the boom of the late 1970s AAPG built a robust educational curriculum; since that time AAPG’s educational offerings have expanded or declined based on the vitality of the industry.
Why Do We Do Things That Way?  
By Rick Fritz / January 2009

Last year was an amazing year in many ways – from the economy to the price of oil to security issues around the world. I am beginning to agree with George Bernard Shaw’s saying that “everything happens to everyone sooner or later if there is time enough.”

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Director's Corner

Director's Corner - David Curtiss

David Curtiss is an AAPG member and was named AAPG Executive Director in August 2011. He was previously Director of the AAPG GEO-DC Office in Washington D.C.

The Director's Corner covers Association news and industry events from the worldview perspective of the AAPG Executive Director.

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Director's Corner

Director's Corner - Rick Fritz
Richard D. “Rick” Fritz, an AAPG member since 1984 and a member of the Division of Environmental Geosciences and the Division of Professional Affairs, served as AAPG Executive Director from 1999 to 2011.

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