Managing Seismicity  
By David Curtiss / August 2012

One year ago this month I was sitting in AAPG’s GEO-DC office at the American Geosciences Institute in Alexandria, Va., when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the state.

Shale Success Creates Opportunities  
By David Curtiss / July 2012

No matter where I travel and talk with AAPG members there are two topics that I’m certain will come up in conversation: First the price of natural gas and second the role of shale gas in driving this price.

IBA a Microcosm of Values of AAPG  
By David Curtiss / June 2012

The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach is all wrapped up. And what a great meeting it was!

The Value of Exploration  
By David Curtiss / May 2012

This edition of EXPLORER began with President Paul Weimer presenting a detailed analysis of membership trends in the Association.

On With the Show, This is IT!  
By David Curtiss / April 2012

The Grammys and the Academy Awards all have been given, and now it’s our turn on the red carpet.

Volunteers – The Engine That Powers AAPG  
By David Curtiss / March 2012

In a previous column we talked about the fact that AAPG is a member-led organization. We elect our officers from among the membership, and these folks donate their time and talent to guide the Association during their term of service.

International Pavilion: Forum for Opportunities  
By David Curtiss / February 2012

Are you a geologist who is continually scouring the planet for new exploration opportunities? Is your passion sifting through reams of data – old and new – coming up with new play concepts?

AAPG Leadership Begins With the EC  
By David Curtiss / January 2012

Our programs are the result of a collaborative partnership between member volunteers, who donate their time, effort and expertise, and AAPG staff worldwide, who offer strategic guidance and provide operational support.

Being ‘Active’ in AAPG Is Important   
By David Curtiss / December 2011

Last month we talked about why a geoscientist engaged in petroleum exploration and production should be a member of AAPG. This month let’s talk about taking your AAPG membership to the next level.

Membership Has Its Privileges – and Benefits   
By David Curtiss / November 2011

The first reason why practicing petroleum geologists should be AAPG members is to stay current with the science.

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