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Director’s Corner

Being ‘Active’ in AAPG Is Important   
By David Curtiss / December 2011

Last month we talked about why a geoscientist engaged in petroleum exploration and production should be a member of AAPG. This month let’s talk about taking your AAPG membership to the next level.

Membership Has Its Privileges – and Benefits   
By David Curtiss / November 2011

The first reason why practicing petroleum geologists should be AAPG members is to stay current with the science.

Accelerating Toward the Future   
By David Curtiss / October 2011

As I was formally introduced to AAPG leaders and staff as the Association’s ninth executive director in August, I spoke about three broad themes to guide our actions in achieving AAPG’s purpose.

It Takes Money to Advance the Science   
/ July 2011

The collective hurrah you may have heard coming from northeast Oklahoma around mid-April was the AAPG staff thankful that another successful annual meeting was behind them.

A Productive Past, a Bright Future   
By Rick Fritz / May 2011

When we started working together almost 12 years ago it was clear AAPG was on the edge of a major growth spurt. All the members and staff needed was opportunity.

GIS-UDRIL – A Useful Acronym   
By Rick Fritz / April 2011

Last year we conducted a few polls on AAPG programs and we realized that many members are not familiar with all of AAPG’s digital programs. For example, AAPG has three primary digital information programs with Datapages – the Archives, Search and Discovery and GIS-UDRIL.

ACE 2011 – Disseminating the Science   
By Rick Fritz / March 2011

Science is the heartbeat of AAPG. It is the key for innovation in our industry, and AAPG is dedicated to finding new scientific developments and related new technologies.

Region Activities Make Impact   
By Rick Fritz / February 2011

Last year the Executive Committee, Advisory Committee and senior staff force-ranked AAPG’s top 25 programs. Generally, the outcome was what you might expect, with the BULLETIN, EXPLORER and ACE (annual meeting) taking the top rankings.

Datapages Open to Individual Subscriptions   
By Rick Fritz / January 2011

The Datapages library is one of the largest petroleum geoscience digital libraries in the world. It contains all of AAPG’s publications – including the special publications. In addition, over the past 10 years AAPG has offered to digitize the publications of Affiliated and Associated societies and those of the Sections.

Meeting Challenges, Assuring Success  
By Rick Fritz / December 2010

This is the theme that has led the efforts and planning for the AAPG Foundation’s Fundraising Campaign. Each year the Foundation has solid requests and needs that we cannot fund – that is why we set a stretch goal to $35 million by the end of 2011.

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Director's Corner

Director's Corner - David Curtiss

David Curtiss is an AAPG member and was named AAPG Executive Director in August 2011. He was previously Director of the AAPG GEO-DC Office in Washington D.C.

The Director's Corner covers Association news and industry events from the worldview perspective of the AAPG Executive Director.

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Director's Corner

Director's Corner - Rick Fritz
Richard D. “Rick” Fritz, an AAPG member since 1984 and a member of the Division of Environmental Geosciences and the Division of Professional Affairs, served as AAPG Executive Director from 1999 to 2011.

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