AAPG’s Publishing Legacy Adds New Chapters  
By David Curtiss / March 2013

AAPG is a science publisher. It’s a tradition that dates back to our founding. And our flagship journal, the BULLETIN, and our special publications are usually a core part of a petroleum geoscientist’s professional library.

Moving From Sound Bites Toward Substance  
By David Curtiss / February 2013

Hydraulic fracturing has captured the public’s attention, to the point where millions of people who have never been to a rig site now confidently offer opinions.

Professionalism In the Public Arena  
By David Curtiss / January 2013

We spend a lot of time talking about professionalism at AAPG. But as I sit and listen to these conversations, I find myself wondering what the term actually means.

Advancing The Science, With Purpose  
By David Curtiss / December 2012

The Bosphorus is a thin strait separating the continents of Europe and Asia. For millennia it has been a crossroad, where east meets west, in the beautiful city of Istanbul. And it is here that we’ve just concluded the first-ever Regional APPEX conference.

Energy Progress Is Beginning, Step By Step  
By David Curtiss / November 2012

There is no question that shale gas has transformed the U.S. energy supply picture.

Listen – Here’s a Way to Make a Difference  
By David Curtiss / October 2012

I am writing this column high above the U.S. midcontinent, the setting sun throwing long shadows across the aircraft cabin. I

OTC – A Strong, Beneficial Relationship  
By David Curtiss / September 2012

Achieving AAPG’s mission to advance the science and technology of petroleum geology often requires setting a broader context.

Managing Seismicity  
By David Curtiss / August 2012

One year ago this month I was sitting in AAPG’s GEO-DC office at the American Geosciences Institute in Alexandria, Va., when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the state.

Shale Success Creates Opportunities  
By David Curtiss / July 2012

No matter where I travel and talk with AAPG members there are two topics that I’m certain will come up in conversation: First the price of natural gas and second the role of shale gas in driving this price.

IBA a Microcosm of Values of AAPG  
By David Curtiss / June 2012

The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach is all wrapped up. And what a great meeting it was!

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