Finding Value In A Multi-Disciplinary Venture  
By David Curtiss / June 2013

Last month in this column I made the point that AAPG’s success as a scientific and professional society is highly dependent on the relevance and value of our products and services to our members and customers.

Taking Steps to Foster and Advance Science  
By David Curtiss / May 2013

Here at headquarters we are busy with final preparations for the trip to Pittsburgh for AAPG’sAnnual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) from May 19-22. 

AAPG and OTC: Advancing Offshore Science  
By David Curtiss / April 2013

These days all the talk about resource plays and the boomtown atmosphere in places like Williston, N.D., and Midland, Texas, has shifted focus away from the offshore.

AAPG’s Publishing Legacy Adds New Chapters  
By David Curtiss / March 2013

AAPG is a science publisher. It’s a tradition that dates back to our founding. And our flagship journal, the BULLETIN, and our special publications are usually a core part of a petroleum geoscientist’s professional library.

Moving From Sound Bites Toward Substance  
By David Curtiss / February 2013

Hydraulic fracturing has captured the public’s attention, to the point where millions of people who have never been to a rig site now confidently offer opinions.

Professionalism In the Public Arena  
By David Curtiss / January 2013

We spend a lot of time talking about professionalism at AAPG. But as I sit and listen to these conversations, I find myself wondering what the term actually means.

Advancing The Science, With Purpose  
By David Curtiss / December 2012

The Bosphorus is a thin strait separating the continents of Europe and Asia. For millennia it has been a crossroad, where east meets west, in the beautiful city of Istanbul. And it is here that we’ve just concluded the first-ever Regional APPEX conference.

Energy Progress Is Beginning, Step By Step  
By David Curtiss / November 2012

There is no question that shale gas has transformed the U.S. energy supply picture.

Listen – Here’s a Way to Make a Difference  
By David Curtiss / October 2012

I am writing this column high above the U.S. midcontinent, the setting sun throwing long shadows across the aircraft cabin. I

OTC – A Strong, Beneficial Relationship  
By David Curtiss / September 2012

Achieving AAPG’s mission to advance the science and technology of petroleum geology often requires setting a broader context.

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