Conventions: Celebrations, Connections, Memories  
By David Curtiss / April 2014

The proposal to eliminate sponsors for membership will remove any impediment to a speedy application process by which qualified candidates for membership in our fine organization may be welcomed. I believe this will be good for the AAPG and good for the DPA.

Innovation, Collaboration Create New Value For AAPG  
By David Curtiss / March 2014

How can AAPG create and deliver value to its members, volunteers, customers, the oil and gas industry, and to society? After all, that’s why we exist as an organization. But what is value, anyway?

Building Our Association, One Step at a Time   
By David Curtiss / February 2014

Last month I had the privilege of traveling to the Middle East with AAPG President Lee Krystinik.

A Busy Year Gives Way to New Possibilities  
By David Curtiss / January 2014

Welcome to 2014, where here at AAPG we look forward to a new year of advancing the world of petroleum geosciences.

One Last Look at a Successful AAPG Year  
By David Curtiss / December 2013

In the northern hemisphere we are preparing for winter. Each day the sun sits lower in the sky, rising later and sinking earlier. 

AAPG Continues to Navigate the Global Waters  
By David Curtiss / November 2013

Over the past two decades, advances in technology and political choices to encourage the flow of goods, services and capital across borders have contributed significantly to global economic growth.

Let’s Talk: Finding Paths To Effective Solutions  
By David Curtiss / October 2013

I am writing to you from high above the Caribbean, on my way home from Cartagena, Colombia, site of the 2013 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition.

Not So Fast – The End of This Era Isn’t Close  
By David Curtiss / September 2013

Every summer more than 50,000 opera fans make a pilgrimage to the city of Bayreuth, Germany. 

Good Reasons Why Keystone Should be OK’d  
By David Curtiss / August 2013

You don’t have to spend much time around the oil and natural gas industry to understand that it is political.

A Scenario of Hope for Natural Gas Challenges  
By David Curtiss / July 2013

Global demand for natural gas continues to grow and the search is on to meet that demand in both the eastern and western hemispheres.

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Director's Corner - David Curtiss

David Curtiss is an AAPG Member and was named AAPG Executive Director in August 2011. He was previously Director of the AAPG GEO-DC Office in Washington D.C.

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Richard D. “Rick” Fritz, an AAPG member since 1984 and a member of the Division of Environmental Geosciences and the Division of Professional Affairs, served as AAPG Executive Director from 1999 to 2011.

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