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The 2014 award recipients have been announced. Ernest Mancini will be awarded AAPG’s highest honor - the Sidney Power Memorial Award while Pete Rose will be recognized with the Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award.


The popularity of Don Clarke's talk on induced seismicity took him by surprise. Then, he was asked to give it as an ethics talk leading to him serving as the Distinguished Ethics Lecturer this year.


Breaking from the manual picking methods, "Geological Expression" interprets complex structural information from 3-D seismic. The result is faster interpretation yielding data that can be quickly manipulated to extract real geological features.


Edinburgh, Scotland, has a new research center planning to open its doors in 2015. It is the Sir Charles Lyell Centre, named after Britain's 19th century geologist. The uptick of interest in emerging industries of shale oil and gas and deep sea metal mining is just one of the areas of the focus planned for the centre.


Something very new and very big is coming soon to the AAPG website. Learn more about the changes and updates planned for 2014.


BP's interest in the Gulf of Mexico remains strong. An expected average of US$4 billion each year for the next 10 years is expected to be invested.


"The Great American Carbonate Bank" sounds like a great read, doesn't it? Hear what Bill Morgan has to share about this memoir from a great sedimentologist, paleontologist and educator - James Lee Wilson.


AAPG users of Pinterest saw the "crowd source" and eagerly have shared some stunning photographs that will certainly even make the casual look - for a very long time.


AAPG Members are reminded the slate of officer candidates for the 2014-15 executive committee are answering questions on video about their objectives and interests for the Association.

Emphasis: Downhole Geology


The ability to see ahead of the drillbit while drilling, in real time, helps the driller avoid hazards, increase drilling efficiency and improve well results. Successful SWD captures seismic data without interrupting drilling operations, saving money and reducing risk.


It’s now been shown that the “sweet” aspect of an identified sweet spot can change – not only stratigraphically, but also laterally within the zone itself.


Geosteering takes advantage of subsurface data being interpreted in real time in order to enable steering decisions during the process. The object if identifying target versus non-target stratigraphic horizons. Learn more about advancements made in this area.


The high-cost of drilling environments has been addressed by a new technology using wireless telemetry to feed real-time data back to the surface. Here's one review.


Quartet made its debut in the industry this year. The reviews are in and it looks like the value brought to the field is proving it to be innovative and time-saving.

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