November 2013

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The Imperial Barrel Award competition begins to ramp up. Applications are now being accepted for students to participate in this year's competition. Deadline for entry is Dec. 13.


Surprise! Geoscientists make an historic discovery of a huge volcano in the Pacific Ocean – in an area first studied 20 years ago.


Check out the new Q&A format used for capturing comments and observations of the officer candidates for Executive Committee offices. 


Making a connection: A team of AAPG members spend time with Boy Scouts at this year’s Jamboree, introducing scores of them to the world of geology.

Take a few minutes to review the experience of some 2,000 attendees at the recent International Conference and Exhibition held in Cartagena, Colombia.

Emphasis: Exploration Innovations


Coming to a field near you – new technology that will reshape the oil and gas industry. When? Maybe sooner than you think.


Let’s get small: Researchers are discovering new and exciting ways to apply nanotechnology to the energy industry – but these days, they’re doing that by thinking BIG.


Is that a UFO? Actually it is a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), which is an airborne drone that is proving to be useful both onshore and offshore.


Stealth apparently can come in all sizes so some countries are hesitant to accept the use of UAVs for research. Fortunately Norway is one of those places that have permitted geoscientists to drone on.


Three new research facilities divide their focus between downstream and upstream technology for Aramco Services.


Image control: Drones don’t always get good press – think spying, or even warfare. But drone technology, combined with precise photography, can make valuable contributions to the energy industry.

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