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The AAPG newly-elected officers for AAPG have been decided. Randi Martinsen from Laramie Wyo., will serve as the 2013-14 President-Elect.


Best foot forward: Trying to make a deal? It isn’t always the property or the prospect that’s being sold.


A bright idea: Lightning as an exploration tool. Really. Just ask Ben Franklin.


How did he stay so cool? Sticking to the facts was key in dealing with the public and media during the aftermath of explosion at Macondo.


Across the universe: AAPG Memoir 101 takes a comprehensive look at the potential for energy and mineral resources in the solar system.


Japan has taken a leap forward in natural gas production by conducting the first successful production test of natural gas from marine hydrates. Could this be the“bridge” fuel needed in the coming energy transition?

Emphasis: Rocky Mountains


Rocky Mountain high? Operators throughout the Rocky Mountains region have reasons to be cautious – but just as many reasons to smile.


Who’s got the last laugh now? The Uteland Butte once was a sandstone that operators quickly passed through – and often ignored – on their way to other targets. But things are changing in Utah.


Complex considerations: Mention the Bakken Formation and most people think of unlimited potential – but several dynamics have a huge impact on productivity.


The U.S. Geological Survey crunched some more numbers with their eyes on the Bakken Formation in North Dakota and Montana. The results are in and the estimates are even larger.


The Rocky Mountain Section meeting will be held Sept. 22-24 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s theme is “Energy Elevated” and features more than 130 technical papers. including two forums.

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