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Slow and steady: According to the latest AAPG annual Salary Survey salaries continue to climb in most categories.


Name change: The "Bookstore" has become the AAPG Store, where you can buy, download and register for AAPG events – and this is just the beginning.


The AAPG House of Delegates will consider creation of a new AAPG technical division – and possibly a new organizational structure – at its upcoming meeting in Pittsburgh.


The call for papers has been issued and proposals are being accepted online for the next Arctic Technology Conference (ATC), set Feb. 10-12 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.


Abdulla Al Naim, vice president of exploration for Saudi Aramco and a towering figure in Middle East exploration and AAPG leadership activities in the region, will be honored posthumously during the opening ceremony of this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Pittsburgh.

Emphasis: Annual Convention


The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition is taking place in the middle of an area that sparked the world's interest in shale and unconventional plays.


A new technical paper takes a look at the ongoing exploration success that can be found in the eastern Mediterranean's Levant Basin


Author Seamus McGraw sees both the upside and downside for the landowner in the development of the Marcellus shale.


Across the board: The Mississippi Lime play proves that hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques can be used for more than just shale production.


An affair to remember: Bill Zagorski, the “Father of the Marcellus,” recalls the story of how the now-famed shale play got its start.


Standing ovation, please: Dietrich Welte adds the Sidney Powers Award to his long list of accolades to become one of the most honored geologists in AAPG history.


Dietrich Welte and Steve Sonnenberg lead the list of those who will receive AAPG Honors and Awards at the ACE opening session in Pittsburgh.


Ask just about anyone and they will agree: Steve Sonnenberg is an inspiring leader within AAPG – and the Association is both honoring that dynamic and making it official in Pittsburgh.


Terry Engelder is a professor at Penn State and expert on the Devonian black shales – all of which has brought a bit of celebrity expertise to the campus and the Marcellus Shale.


New data presents a new picture of health and safety issues in plays involving the Marcellus Shale.


Three loves are better than one? AAPG award-winning educator John Underhill has a passion for geology, Greek culture and European football – and somehow all tend to overlap to remain integral parts of his career.


Take a museum curator and pair him with a painter of fish and you get a colorful, dramatic and FUN book about the fossil history of the United States.


Patrick Leach claims everything we know about the U.S. economy is wrong – and he's about to share those thoughts at the DPA/AWG luncheon at the annual meeting


This year's AAPG Foundation Teacher of the Year awardee, Chris Bolhuis, says that “Geology is like seeing the world through the eyes of an artist.”

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