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Famed 3-D modeling researcher Dietrich Welte and past AAPG president Stephen Sonnenberg lead the list of 45 people who have been named to received AAPG honors and awards.


Jokers may be wild: Trying to predict what lies ahead for the energy industry, according to one expert, is a risky bet.


The Caribbean Basins Tectonics Hydrocarbon project is now in the stretch drive of its planned triple-phase program.


Making a Difference: Human trafficking takes a horrific toll on lives around the world, but one AAPG member and his wife have dedicated their lives to exposing the tragedy – and helping those who have suffered most.

Emphasis: Gulf Coast


Technology might be the biggest story in the Gulf of Mexico and the strategic importance of the area may remain for years ahead.


Back for more: Operators found new success when they took another look at Louisiana’s Wilcox play.


Closest of trends: Geoscientists experienced a huge “aha!” moment that started with the realization that Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale and Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale have a lot in common.


Nuisance? For a long time the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale was considered an irritating target for drillers – but time and economic dynamics have a way of changing perspectives.

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