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Coming clean: Service companies are spinning out new hydraulic fracturingtechnologies that promote environmentally sensitive practices.


Exotic beauty: Malaysia’s Langkawi Geopark is a beautiful creation for tourists. For geologists, it’s paradise.


Spreading the word: Nine speakers have been selected for AAPG’s prestigiousDistinguished Lecture program for the 2012-13 North American tours.

Emphasis: Rocky Mountains


What goes up must come …: Despite the seemingly never-ending cycles of boom and bust, operators in the Rocky Mountain region are finding ways to stay in the game.


Surprise! Ordinarily a target for oil production, the Cretaceous Niobrara formation is proving to be more versatile in Colorado’s Piceance Basin.


Try, try again: Test wells and seismic data have helped lead the way to success in theSan Juan Basin’s Mancos Shale formation.


What do the numbers indicate when measuring Niobrara tight oil success in Colorado?

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