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Edward A. “Ted” Beaumont, senior geologist with SM Energy in Tulsa, assumed the presidency of AAPG on July 1.


AAPG officer candidates have been announced for the 2013-14 term.


The name game: Unraveling the geologic complexities of the Granite Wash is tough enough, but one team of geologists went one better – they unraveled the mystery of the clashing nomenclatures.


Something old, something new: The venerable Austin Chalk has been a part of the U.S. oil story for more than three decades – but a new assessment by the U.S. Geological Survey has added a new chapter to its tale.


Pesky hydrocarbons just want out: Is the trap half-full or half-empty?


Lee Allison, the state geologist and director of the Arizona Geological Survey, knows a lot about the coming need for strategic investment in data integration – and about how to succeed in today's political climate.


ProTracks: AAPG’s Young Professionals initiative took another big step forward with three specific – and successful – events at the recent AAPG annual convention.

Emphasis: Shale Horizons


Who’s in charge? Successful shale production strategies should include a crucial mantra: “Plan, Plan, Plan.”


The third dimension: Continued improvements in new technologies such as 3-D seismic are helping some companies deal with the cost of successful shale exploration.


All for one and one for all: It took a team effort to find exploration success in theWolfcamp Shale.


Shale List Grows: Production from unconventional reservoirs, particularly shale, has been a boon to U.S. domestic natural gas stockpiles.


A new report from the U.K., headed by a petroleum geologist who's familiar to AAPG audiences, recommends caution and some restrictions for use of hydraulic fracturing in new areas.

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