February 2012

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Rocky road to success: AAPG member Simon Donato found adventure and much more – when he accepted the personal challenge of finding archaeological sites in the rugged and dangerous mountains overlooking the Strait of Hormuz.


The rest of the story? High expectations dominate current outlooks for U.S. energy independence, but a past AAPG president warns against overenthusiasm on shale capacity.


Home grown: A recent National Petroleum Council study suggests America has enough oil resources to meet its growing demand for several decades.


BP is recruiting the next generation of scientists and believe their response to the Macondo incident may have helped raise their profile and interest of this new talent resource.


Technical award winners have been announced for the 2011 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, held last October in Milan, Italy.


Foundation announced its top awards recipients: William J. Barret and Herbert G. Davis.


Second time around: Award-winning AAPG geologist Tako Koning already had one successful career as an explorationist in Angola, and now he’s back for more – and helping residents there to recognize and appreciate the country’s geologic splendor.


Howard Johnson left a successful 15-year career with a major oil company to become a teacher – and that step led to a role in the creation of the wildly successful Imperial Barrel Award.

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