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State geologists in South Dakota believe the hot activity that defines the celebrated Bakken Shale play is about to move south to their locale. Expanded Web Version

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Eccellente! A strong technical program plus Milan’s inspiring setting helped make the recent International Conference and Exhibition one of AAPG’s top international meetings ever.

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Passion and ingenuity have led AAPG member Daniel Minisini on a personal mission to talk to famous geologists – with a video camera in his hand – and share their thoughts on a website he has created.

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Emphasis: Downhole Geology

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The three-year-old Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) has a lofty goal to locate and extract the billions of barrels of potentially available petroleum supply remaining in place following conventional recovery.

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Nanotechnology is the field of science defined by the nanometer, which is the equivalent of one-billionth of a meter and appears poised to make a significant impact in the oil and gas industry, demonstrating that minuscule particles are suited for big jobs.

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Standing Columns

In the last few months, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to visit 12 countries and interact with many geologists and students. A few musings regarding the future ...

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Last month we talked about why a geoscientist engaged in petroleum exploration and production should be a member of AAPG. This month let’s talk about taking your AAPG membership to the next level.

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The use of injected carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is a process that was first used on Jan. 26, 1972, at the SACROC unit in Scurry County, Texas. Since then carbon dioxide-enhanced oil recovery in primary production zones has expanded across the Permian Basin in west Texas and eastern New Mexico, and to a more limited extent in Kansas, Mississippi, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Alaska and Pennsylvania – and in other countries.

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Several (12, we think) types of seismic-based curvature attributes have been introduced the last few years – and of these, the most-positive and the most-negative curvatures described in last month’s article are the most popular.

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With Colombia rapidly approaching a historical production record of one million barrels of oil per day, and Ecopetrol, the state oil company, celebrating its 60th anniversary, it is worth reviewing the events that led to these milestones.

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AAPG’s Europe Region has a new president: Welcome to Vlasta Dvorakova, who has been a very active president-elect over the past couple of years before assuming the presidential reins in June.Vlasta works for the Czech Geological Survey in Brno, Czech Republic.

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AAPG Foundation trustees approved funding for two projects during their recent meeting at AAPG headquarters in Tulsa.

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