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State geologists in South Dakota believe the hot activity that defines the celebrated Bakken Shale play is about to move south to their locale. Expanded Web Version


Eccellente! A strong technical program plus Milan’s inspiring setting helped make the recent International Conference and Exhibition one of AAPG’s top international meetings ever.


Passion and ingenuity have led AAPG member Daniel Minisini on a personal mission to talk to famous geologists – with a video camera in his hand – and share their thoughts on a website he has created.

Emphasis: Downhole Geology


Downhole reservoir monitoring is a concept that’s generated a lot of buzz.


Nanotechnology is the field of science defined by the nanometer, which is the equivalent of one-billionth of a meter and appears poised to make a significant impact in the oil and gas industry, demonstrating that minuscule particles are suited for big jobs.


The three-year-old Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) has a lofty goal to locate and extract the billions of barrels of potentially available petroleum supply remaining in place following conventional recovery.

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