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Has the Anthropocene – the new geological Epoch of Humans – finally arrived? 


Why wait? A few years ago he was a Student member attending his first Leadership Conference. Today Ryan Lemiski is the youngest-ever member of the AAPG House of Delegates.


It's an unconventional success story of a New Yorker and a Californian "re-winning" in Wewoka. 

Emphasis: Exploration Innovations


Back to the future: New technology, new techniques and new visions have turned Alaska’s venerable Cook Inlet into a place of new exploration possibilities.


There’s something in the water: The over-pressured Texas Gulf Coast may be a perfect location to tap geothermal energy.


Despite its many productive years, the petroleum-rich Permian Basin is still going strong.


A consortium designed to provide support for stripper wells is actually providing new ideas for production and the creation of cost-effective technologies.


Containing costs and reducing risks are good basics for any project, but for smaller exploration companies – like many in the U.S. mid-continent region – they can be go-or-no factors.

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