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The best of the best: Pioneer researcher Koenraad Weber and past AAPG president Robbie Gries head this year’s list of AAPG honor and award winners. 


The next big thing? The Brown Dense lime is showing signs of being a significant oil play.


Perception vs. reality: Any opinions that the energy industry is old school are definitely old hat – high-tech advances are being encouraged and embraced by 21st century geoscientists.

Emphasis: International


Globe trotting: A small independent company based in Denver is proving you don’t have to be a super-sized mega-firm to succeed in the international arena.


 The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with European geoscience organizations, is assessing resource potential from continuous-type gas and oil accumulations in the fine-grained rocks of Europe.


A chance to visit and study awe-inspiring coastal geology will be offered at the third Central and North Conjugate Margins Conference at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


Italy will be in the AAPG spotlight in October as it becomes, for the first time ever, the host country for the AAPG International Conference and Exhibition.


When it comes to understanding the Marcellus Shale, it’s all about the fractures.


Geology professors Juergen Thurow and Christopher Kilburn on a mission: To drill into a volcano in Italy's Campi Flegrei, to better analyze the patterns there of uplift and of fracturing.


“Every branch of science developed so far owes something to Leonardo da Vinci. He was the master of every priority.”

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