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Oops: A new assessment of oil potential in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve is dramatically lower than previous estimates.

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The Never Ending Story: Three AAPG members add a new chapter to the history of Canada’s much-studied, much-revered Burgess Shale.

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Discussion about the potential of gas hydrates – and the role they will play in the world's energy future – gets a new boost from a new AAPG memoir.

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Take closer look at rare earth elements (REE) that are not making their way out of Chinese waters to the rest of the world. Will this create a global squeeze on our world?

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The 2011 Annual Convention and Exhibition is just around the corner and registration opens this month. The April event will be held in Houston this year.

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Emphasis: Downhole Geology


We’ve come a long way, baby: Advances in downhole geology during the past 10 years tell a compelling story about the industry’s accomplishments, expectations and continuing demands.

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So how high is "the bar"? EnergyPoint Research looks at customer satisfaction within the oilfield services industry. The results reflect the fast-paced advances that may have exceeded the technicians to apply them.

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Geomechanics’ value: The deeper we get into shale plays, the more obvious it becomes that no two plays are the same.

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What’s cooking? A new memoir provides a recipe for borehole imaging success.

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Dangerous, or not so much? Some are anxious to give the public a different perspective on hydraulic fracturing.

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Standing Columns

As I have traveled to AAPG conferences during the past year-and-a-half I have been impressed by the number of symposia on shale gas.

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This is the theme that has led the efforts and planning for the AAPG Foundation’s Fundraising Campaign. Each year the Foundation has solid requests and needs that we cannot fund – that is why we set a stretch goal to $35 million by the end of 2011.

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This month marks the fifth anniversary of the Geoscience and Energy Office in Washington, D.C. (GEO-DC), established by the AAPG Executive Committee in June 2005. We are taking this opportunity to review the purpose, past accomplishments and future plans for the office. 

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The final guideline that should be used when designing a 3-D survey is the use of the even-integer rule for specifying the exact dimensions of a recording swath.

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The London-based AAPG European Region office has had a busy year – we moved to new premises in the heart of London last year and have had an exciting time developing our events and activities while liaising, helping and cultivating our membership and providing a welcome coffee stop for all those AAPG members passing through London.

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The AAPG Foundation’s five-year, $35 million campaign is in the final phase.

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On the last day of the GCAGS meeting we learned that the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico had finally been lifted. Although this is great news, what does it really mean for the petroleum industry? We know the implementation of new offshore drilling regulations will be forthcoming and will promote safety.

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