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Shale gas potential heats up in south Texas. Think Eagle Ford shale, or take a drive down U.S. Highway 90 and see for yourself.


Old habits die hard – Not! The prolific California Monterey shale is revisited, but this time with an unconventional approach.


Best oral and poster winners have been selected from the presentations given at the International Conference and Exhibition recently held in Calgary.


The Calgary International Conference and Exhbition attracted people from 59 countries that added up to the second largest attendance since 2006. 


It’s intense. It’s inspiring. It’s GeoFORCE: a program that introduces middle and high school students to the world of science.

Emphasis: Exploration Innovations


The circum-Arctic region has ample energy potential, but innovative technology is essential for future exploration. One research geologist explains the need for combining tried and true geology basics with new, creative methods to get the best results.


Hot, hot, hot: The Niobrara play joins the list of hot shales – even being dubbed the “NeoBakken.” An industry-sponsored consortium evaluates the complexities of this giant play to help further its economic success.


Kinetics and hieroglyphics and pyrolysis! Oh my! Following the traditional method of determining kerogen kinetics is slow and expensive and yields little kinetic data. The new method of one-run kinetics proves to save both time and money while acquiring more data.


Sorting out the new data types emerging from the unconventional plays has led to new strategies for managing the data and spawned an array of ancillary business opportunities. EXPANDED FOR WEB.

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