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The best paper and poster award winners award winners for both oral and poster presentations have been named from the annual convention in New Orleans.


The new term begins: David G. Rensink assumes the presidency of AAPG, leading the members of this year’s AAPG Executive Committee.


Renaissance era: Geoscience research – often more practical than theoretical – is enjoying a strong revival.


In for the long haul: A new study says the Marcellus Shale play, already a headline grabber, may get even larger.


Blending of vintage 2-D seismic data and new 2-D spec seismic is helping map major faults by identifying even smaller structural features.Vintage 2-D seismic data


Going, and going, and going … The Mars Exploration Rovers continue to provide spectacular views – and important information – to geoscientists on earth.


Heads up: The moon may be important to Earth in more ways than we realized.


Is it safe? The Environmental Protection Agency is studying hydraulic fracturing to determine its impact on surface, ground and drinking water resources.


Officer candidates for the 2010-11 election have been named.

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