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Deepwater plays, oil shale projects and a possibly overlooked potential of heavy oil in a surprising location are among the dynamics that are bringing a cautious optimism to exploration activities in three very key parts of the world.


An overriding theme for the Canada Region always has been its close ties with the United States, especially in regards to providing a secure, stable supply of energy to them from a friendly neighbor to the north, Region president David Dolph said.


The state of the industry in the Asia Pacific Region, at this point of the year, remains “relatively active – and hopeful that activity levels will remain stable,” Region president Joe Lambiase said.


You may think you know everything there is to know about the Middle East's role in future oil production. But you may want to think again. 


Heavy oil in the Middle East – an overlooked potential?


Ireland has been a valuable research site for David Pyles – and his research there has been valuable for geoscientists everywhere.


A new view of a familiar area: A recently published AAPG memoir provides fresh information on the Mexican side of the Gulf of Mexico’s petroleum systems.


When Shane Matson was in college he received a collection of geological studies.


Lights! Camera! Action! Coming your way, a new documentary film starring ... the Haynesville Shale.


Best of both worlds? A multi-disciplinary approach using seismic data and gravity gradiometry is being tested along the Gulf of Mexico coast. 


The secret of his success: A leader in the service industry touts the benefits of oilfield cooperation.

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