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Increases, but caution: AAPG’s annual survey shows that while salaries rose, the industry’s mood was filled with “uncertainty.”


Shallow water, deep treasure: The recent Davy Jones discovery is a game-changer for the Gulf of Mexico – and maybe the entire industry.


James R. “Jim Bob” Moffett, co-chairman of the board at McMoRan Exploration, likes to say he cut his teeth on the onshore Miocene.


Big Daddy: Shale gas plays may be commonplace in the United States, but most stand in awe of the extensive Marcellus Shale.


Guess what: Does anyone know for sure how accurate the recent estimates of available U.S. natural gas resources are?


This year's Teacher of the Year recipient not only likes teacher earth science but loves teaching it in middle school. Her time with this age group is "one more chance" to instill confidence and inspire interest. 

Emphasis: Annual Convention


It’s show time in New Orleans: The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition promises to be a big time in the Big Easy.


L. Frank Brown Jr., a leader in research and development of the concept of depositional system tracks, seismic stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy, will receive AAPG’s prestigious Sidney Powers Award at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in New Orleans.


The man of the hour: Renowned stratigrapher L. Frank Brown Jr. adds the Sidney Powers Memorial Award to his long list of honors and achievements.


Leading by example: Patrick Gratton’s exemplary and now award-winning career as a leader began with a simple act of commitment – he volunteered.


The widespread effect of a natual disaster - such as hurricane Katrina -- is part of the climate change forum focus as new research on sedimentary processes associated with major storms are shared..


Finding a new species is like finding new pieces to a puzzle. Adding terrific team members like Ed Picou to the search is even more satisfying. 


Shaking up the status quo? Old becoming new? Such phrases are used to describe the revival of interest in the south Louisiana region. 


Accidental discovery? One paper in the History of Petroleum Geology forum remembers Mobile Bay sharing the combination of luck, sound decisions and overcoming obstacles that led to its development.


One New Orleans geologist shares his passion in a field trip about what happened and is currently happening as a result of Hurricane Katrina's violence against the Mississippi coast line.


Attendees are invited to give back to the communities of New Orleans through the Chevron Tree Farm Project which focuses on rebuilding the tree nursery of New Orleans City Park.


EMD and DEG pool their resources to provide a joint luncheon featuring a member of the Mars Exploration science team as their speaker while DPA chose a public forum format to discuss the issues that affect the DPA and AAPG.

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