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Earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, sinkholes. Dangerous stuff, geology – but geologic experts are helping societies to study, explain and deal with geohazards.


Experts have spoken about its oil potential for decades. Finally, Iraq is primed to fulfill its promise – and its opportunities aren’t just for the super-big players, either.


Not all shales are created equal; the Illinois Basin’s New Albany shale, for example, has yet to be mistaken for the Barnett. But geoscientists, armed with new technology, are about to find out why.

Emphasis: Seismic


The eye of the beholder: Seismic data interpretations are notoriously varied – and sometimes just plain wrong. But now a team of Scottish geoscientists is shedding some light on what often goes wrong – and why.


At last, a reason to thank your kids for playing video games: PlayStation 3 technology is elevating seismic imaging to a whole new level of refinement.


Chat room redux: New technology and research efforts are making it possible for seismic data to “talk” to seismic data. And the stories they can tell…

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