November 2009

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Somehow, some day, somewhere: A major new discovery was announced in California – but not the location. Still, there were some clues…


Shale gas plays can pose a tough problem – but hydraulic fracture stimulation may be the answer.


The next slate of candidates for the House of Delegates has been announced by HoD Chairman Steve Sonnenberg.


EXPLORER scores high with readers – take a look at readership survey results.

Emphasis: International


Sweet smell of success: A run of offshore discoveries have made Brazil the oil industry’s story of the century – and the celebration there may just be starting.


European researchers, inspired by gas shale successes in the United States, have started a database in hopes of finding similar success for their continent.


If the university-sponsored geologic field camp is to survive and prosper, some believe it will only do with an infusion of international geoscience students.


It’s a small world after all: Eight geology students from Nigeria experience an outdoor geology classroom in Montana during AAPG’s inaugural Immersion Field Experience.


When it comes to geothermal energy, Germany is feeling the heat – literally and figuratively – beneath its feet.


Iraq ranks right up at the top of hydrocarbon-rich countries worldwide with the potential to overtake any country in production.

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