October 2009

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The best of the best: Celebrated scientist L. Frank Brown Jr. and past AAPG president Patrick J.F. Gratton lead the list of AAPG award winners who will be honored in New Orleans.
Times are tough, the future is uncertain and everyone seems to be in a bad mood. That’s right – it’s the perfect time to start your own oil and gas business. 
Thinking outside the box: One surprise at the recent summer NAPE was a linear driver free-piston engine that can turn watered-out wells into long-life electrical power producers.
Proposed changes to AAPG’s Global Corporate Structure aren’t necessary, according to the conclusions of the House of Delegate’s Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
What’s the story? A “Gallon of Gas”. The first episode in a new series by National Geographic that tells the production story behind natural resources to delivered to the consumer.

Emphasis: Geophysical Review

Urban development: Seismic crews found creative ways to complete a successful operation in the sensitive Long Beach/Signal Hill oil field. 
Deep freeze: Cutting-edge technology, environmental awareness and a lot of warm clothing are helping seismic crews cope in hostile Arctic regions. 

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