September 2009

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A change is gonna come: Mexico is experiencing a tectonic shift in its energy regimen – and that may be good news for development of the country’s oil and gas potential.
Show me the money: Investors are looking for new opportunities to spend their capital. Let’s make a deal?
Geothermal activity is an increasingly hot topic in Europe – and there are a lot of good reasons why.
Start spreading the news: A new series of pamphlets, designed to help the general public better understand science, is ready – and waiting – to be distributed.

Emphasis: Gulf Coast

Production totals in the Gulf of Mexico, thanks largely to the deepwater activity, is forecast to continue to rise. Now, about activity in the eastern GOM ...

Action in the red-hot Haynesville shale play in North Louisiana continues on the fast track.

Peak Oil is a condition experienced before but could the Haynesville gas play have the potential role in “Peak Gas?” 
Eyes are upon the deepwater coral communities in the Gulf of Mexico as oceanographers ask “what’s going on down here?!”

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