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Vive la difference! Boom times come, boom times go, but this time the industry seems better prepared to face the bust.

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Future shock? An impending demographic crunch and the projected shortage of qualified professionals could threaten Canada’s earth science sectors.

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Geoscientists exploring the Spraberry trend in Texas are supplementing 3-D seismic with advanced technologies to improve results.

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Today’s oil and gas industry faces a world of challenges – man-made and otherwise – but Saudi Arabia’s Ali Ibrahim al-Naimi says there are two things geoscientists should seek: Stability and survival.

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Emphasis: Rocky Mountains


The Covenant was so promising, but what else does Utah hold up its sleeve? The search for additional fields continues in a challenging, complex region.

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Growing pains: Shale gas is abundant in North America, but investment in production has to catch up with discovery.

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Careful, careful … The environmentally sensitive regions of the American West are sparking increasing interest in new cable free seismic systems.

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A gift from above: North Dakota’s Red Wing Creek Field is among a handful of oil and gas fields in the world that can trace its potential to meteorite impact.

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That was then, this is now: A new economic reality hits the Rocky Mountains, and state budgets are feeling the pinch.

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U.S. rig count numbers are down – but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Standing Columns

I was approached by a woman in her 30s, obviously bright and passionate about being a geologist. She asked, “Tell me why I should stay in this industry! Why should I not leave it for environmental or some other industry entirely? Tell me why!”

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I am writing my column as I am returning from a very successful APPEX meeting in London, where I had the privilege of attending an open house of the new AAPG European Office in London.

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The Division of Professional Affairs will have an exciting and active profile at the upcoming AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set June 7- 10 in Denver, the “Queen City of the Plains.”

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Last month we looked at the concept of utilizing the axial impacts of the rotating teeth of a rotary-cone drill bit as a downhole seismic source, which allows seismic data to be acquired by surfacepositioned sensors as a well is being drilled.

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April 15 is the day of financial reckoning for most U.S. taxpayers. That is the day when many of us rush to the post office at the stroke of midnight to send our tax forms to the IRS, typically accompanied by a check for taxes owed (those getting a refund have reason to file much earlier).

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Probably you are aware that AAPG’s International Regions Committee (IRC) helps promote AAPG as an international organization.You may not be aware, however, that its role has evolved in the last few years, from being a facilitator between AAPG headquarters and the international regions to helping better represent and serve the professional needs of international AAPG members across the organization.

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Coming soon, perhaps to a city near you…the AAPG Foundation, up close and personal.

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