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It’s a small world after all: Nanotechnology has the potential make a big impact in the global energy picture.
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Putting it together: Success at Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay was the result of a team effort involving geologists and geophysicists.
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Two geologists who have each made huge contributions to geology and the support of geosciences will be honored by the AAPG Foundation in Denver.
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Emphasis: Seismic


Not everyone got caught unprepared for the latest swing in the world’s financial situation – in fact, some companies in the geophysical industry are seeing possible silver linings in today’s cloudy conditions.

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Field (trip) of dreams: AAPG Honorary Member Roger Slatt is leading a research team in a reservoir characterization study of the Barnett Shale.

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Bottoms up: Ocean bottom seismic nodes prove their value – again – in the Gulf of Mexico’s Deimos Field.

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An ocean bottom seismic (OBS) node in the Gulf of Mexico passes an important repeatability test.

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Standing Columns

Competition is everywhere. So how do we build bridges amidst all of it? Here are some suggestions.

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Six months into fiscal year 2008-09, AAPG’s financial health continues to be sound. However, with the current economic recession, the question is, “How will AAPG fare financially the next couple of years?”

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DEG is proud to claim the petroleum environmental scientist involved in leading the industry side of a successful team effort where a tiny rural town on an Indian Reservation benefits with clean water supply restored.

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In concept, any type of mechanical vibration that is introduced into the Earth can be used as a seismic wavefield to illuminate and image subsurface geology. Seismic imaging does not always have to be done with controlled, sophisticated sources such as air gun arrays, vibrators or shot hole explosives.

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In January 2007 California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order announcing that California would develop a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). The purpose of the LCFS is to reduce by at least 10 percent the carbon intensity of fuels used for passenger vehicles in California by 2020. The governor’s action put the state into the familiar position of crafting unique and occasionally controversial environmental policy. And there is an old saying about these policies:

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AAPG has taken another step toward making its presence officially known around the world. A third AAPG regional office will open later this year in Singapore, intended to provide services for the Association’s sprawling Asia.

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A new AAPG Foundation named grant was established, a major new pledge was received and a new “legacy” program was created during an active month for the AAPG Foundation.
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