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Back to the basics: “Recruits” become armed for success during their stay at Houston-based Subsurface Consultants and Associates’ 12-week-long geosciences boot camp.
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East Texas activity thriving: The Deep Bossier play in the Amoruso Field has all the potential components for a huge gas pay.
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Sometimes finding the Big One doesn’t call for high-tech applications. Past AAPG president John Amoruso talks about having a concept, which led to the 2004 discovery of his namesake.

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Europe needs a remedy: Years of worry about reliable gas supply from Russia has Europe looking north for gas exploration. Algeria may be just what the doctor ordered.

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North Africa is not generally known for its elephants – that is, creatures of an animal nature. But recent activity offers hope for elephants of a hydrocarbon nature.
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Years of damage and destruction have earned the GOM the title “Hurricane Central.” But how bad is it? The Minerals Management Service provides some suprising answers.

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Provo, Utah’s Ty Robinson has been named AAPG’s 2009 Earth Science Teacher of the Year.
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Standing Columns

Last August in this column I identified 10 “sticky” energy myths and countered with some realities.   “Made to Stick” helps us understand why these myths and legends propagate and last in the public conscious. Sticky ideas are Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional Stories. 

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During the boom of the late 1970s AAPG built a robust educational curriculum; since that time AAPG’s educational offerings have expanded or declined based on the vitality of the industry.
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With its use concentrated in large power stations in most countries, it is a prime candidate for carbon capture and storage, even though technologies for this are not yet commercial – they face enormous cost hurdles and use vast amounts of energy in such steps as concentrating oxygen prior to combustion and separating CO2, not to mention a host of geo-engineering and institutional issues associated with sequestration.
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This month's Geophysical Corner covers the exciting science of nanotechnology which is being introduced into reservoir characterization and monitoring. 

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Oil and natural gas professionals have been urging the SEC to modernize its disclosure rules for oil and natural gas reserves for many years.   The principal criticism of the original rules is that they were introduced more than a quarter century ago.

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Approvals of funding and the establishment of a new award that honors a longtime supporter of geosciences and the Association have been announced by the AAPG Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which met recently in Tulsa.

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