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AAPG President Scott Tinker sends a letter to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama calling for a coordinated approach to energy, economic and environmental policies.

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The world economy is in a mess and oil prices have dropped more than $100 a barrel, but from a hiring standpoint, the industry is actually better off today.

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Manpower. It’s been a concern for two decades and remains a challenge that gets more critical with no magic bullet in sight.

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An ongoing aggressive and focused effort to provide AAPG’s popular Distinguished Lecture program to all parts of the planet is taking a giant step forward this year.

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Meet an AAPG award-winning couple that’s about to take their geologic expertise to students in Bahrain – and who, like many couples involved in the same profession, has a marriage that is as much defined by their work as their work is by their marriage.

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Despite plummeting commodity prices, oil and gas companies in general have indicated they’ll keep going after new-hires to beef up lean staffs – a hangover-type situation caused in part by the massive layoffs during previous downturns in the industry.

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Emphasis: World Development


What in the world just happened? When it comes to global oil discoveries, it turns out a lot happened in 2008 – and a lot of it happened in Latin America.

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It might be winter in Canada right now, but British Columbia couldn’t be hotter.

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Commodity prices may have taken a nosedive, at least for the time being, but industry happenings offshore Brazil give reason for the locals – and plenty of other folks – to pop open the bubbly.

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Past, but not forgotten: For more than years the untapped 14 potential of Canada’s East Georges Bank Basin has tantalized explorationists – and its day of truth is getting closer.

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Standing Columns

Welcome to the global warming debate, where science, politics and passion have become so entwined that they may be impossible to separate, and otherwise reasonable people on both “sides” of the issue can become ardently irrational.

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Last year was an amazing year in many ways – from the economy to the price of oil to security issues around the world. I am beginning to agree with George Bernard Shaw’s saying that “everything happens to everyone sooner or later if there is time enough.”

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Since 1965, when the Division of Professional Affairs was formed, the term professionalism equates to membership in the Division and strict adherence to the AAPG’s Code of Ethics as found in Article IV of the AAPG’s Constitution.

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The methodology described here may benefit those who are confronted with the problem of interpreting complex structures from limited-quality 3-D seismic images.

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The beginning of a new year is the time we traditionally resolve to make the changes necessary to improve our lives. It is also the time we ponder what opportunities and challenges the new year will bring.

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AAPG President Dr. Scott W. Tinker became the fourth Association president to visit Nigeria when he attended November’s NAPE 2008 conference in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Applications are now being accepted for the AAPG Foundation’s Grants-in-Aid program, awarded to foster research in the geosciences.

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