December 2008

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There were many reasons why the recent AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town was a success – but “diversity” may be the word to remember.
The LUSI mud volcano continued to generate spirited debate among geoscientists at a special session in Cape Town to discuss its causes.
Celebration time – C’mon! AAPG members are among those leading the way in raising support for and awareness of the International Year of Planet Earth.
Part 2 of James Wilson’s Dead Sea geology series shows the role geology may have played in some of the Bible's more famous stories.

Emphasis: Downhole Geology

Coming of age: Borehole imaging technology, which started its evolvement from dip-meter technology in the 1980s, has advanced to become an increasingly effective tool.
More, more, more: New downhole technology is proving its worth in the Los Angeles Basin by squeezing new oil out of an old field.
Technology for measuring rock properties downhole, especially in carbonate formations, becomes more sophisticated each year – including right now.
Steer clear of trouble: A new downhole tool, created to help drillers stay in the “sweet spot,” claims to be a GPS system for subsurface navigation.

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