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Strong demand from both old and new unconventional plays is having a huge impact on drilling technology – and on rig availability as well.
You oughta be in pictures: Two AAPG members become the public face of an oil company's marketing strategy.
New exploration opportunities have turned the global spotlight to the topic at hand at the Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference.
Small companies are now exploring with the Big Boys in the offshore of Nova Scotia.
State-of-the-art technology is fine, but sometimes the best path to North Sea success is to rely on “old fashioned geology.”
The Dead Sea is a geological treasure chest, with salt features, mineral-rich waters, natural asphalt, and - most tantalizing of all – oil prospects.
AAPG leader and Powers Medalist James E. Wilson died on September 15.

Emphasis: Geophysical Review

Put your best guess forward: A lot of questions cloud the outlook for geophysical activities in the coming year.
The learning curve: Getting small independent producers to embrace 3-D seismic was a process that depended as much on education as on success.
Isn't that “sweet?” High resolution aeromagnetic surveys have become a more important tool in the hunt for subtle geological features.
Geophysical companies in Argentina and Chile don’t let borders stand in the way of acquiring data.
Sometimes the best way to see if a new technology works is just to take it out to the field (in this case, the Piceance Basin) and try it.

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