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A team effort: A special research consortium has been formed to better understand the geology and potential of the Bakken Shale.
Commentary: As questions from the government and the public about drilling, gas prices, alternative fuels, and other energy-related issues abound, AAPG President Scott Tinker presents his top ten energy myths and realities.
AAPG will make major inroads into a new region as a co-organizer of the upcoming GEO-India 2008.
An important deadline is coming fast for those who will be attending this year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Emphasis: Explorer Innovations

Indonesia's under-explored deepwater basins could breathe new production life into a declining player.
Good idea: How can companies foster innovation in their own organizations?
Shell changes up the game by looking outside the company for innovations and suggestions.
Out of Africa: Uganda’s Albert Basin as well as other plays in the East Africa rift valley provides a demanding setting for frontier exploration.
A story to be shared: U.S. geologists may know all about the Fayetteville Shale, but the innovations that have helped bring success there are getting a global spotlight.
Success stories may abound, but a lot of innovative thought already has been required for the complex Woodford Shale play in Oklahoma’s Arkoma Basin.

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