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Scott Tinker takes the reins as AAPG president, leading this year’s AAPG Executive Committee.
Round Two: The Coal vs. Gas battle continues, and the combatants come out swinging.
The AES Shady Point power plant provides more than just electricity to the surrounding economy.
Repulsion without a cause? A special forum at the AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town will look at the possible reasons for the tragic Lusi mud volcano.
Help Wanted: If you’re looking for an Employer or an Employee, AAPG's new Career Center is the place for you.

Emphasis: Unconventional Resources

In case you missed the news, shale plays are hot right now – and a quick look at U.S. shale activity trends is a revealing, dramatic story.
What makes the Woodford shale play work? Hundreds of wells are about to be drilled to determine if the play is a bust or the next Barnett.
A brand new day: Louisiana's new Haynesville Shale play is being touted as the harbinger of what may open an untapped region to prolific gas production.
Second verse, same as the first: Headlines earlier this year proclaimed the Marcellus Shale as the year's most surprising play. Today the surprise is gone – but the play is getting hotter still.
Let's make a deal: Landowners sitting atop prospective properties have learned there's strength in numbers.

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