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Move over, Mr. Barnett – the Marcellus shale is a tantalizing, unconventional play that stretches over a huge area and, according to many, offers a huge potential.
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Government and the private sector are joining hands – and expertise – to tackle the potential production that lies in Canada’s unconventional gas resources.

Emphasis: Seismic

It is the best of times, period: Seismic crews are enjoying a boom cycle that leaves little room for rest.
Tough terrain, challenging locales, political upheavals: Welcome to the world of international seismic work, where the hardest part of the job might be just getting to the job.
Coming soon to a difficult-to-explore-area near you – cableless seismic technology is leading the way into challenging areas
Say you want a revolution? There’s a good one going on in the Gulf of Mexico involving wide-azimuth seismic acquisition – one with the potential to spread around the world.
Pass the salt, please: How advances in 3-D seismic technology opened the subsalt exploration door in the Gulf of Mexico – and why that matters to the rest of the industry.

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