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This year members will be choosing a president-elect from three candidates (you will be asked to vote in order of your preference); a vice president-Sections from two candidates; and a treasurer from two candidates.
Register before Feb. 12 for the AAPG Annual Convention in San Antonio and you’ll save up to $200 off the regular registration fee.
A proposed bylaws amendment giving the Executive Committee the authority to expel a member who is found to have falsified stated qualifications in a membership application will be considered at the House of Delegates meeting at the AAPG Annual Convention in San Antonio.

Making the grade: A middle school earth sciences teacher from Parker, Colo., is this year’s AAPG Teacher of theYear.


Everyone knows it’s windy … especially in the North Sea.


Something to talk about: How do you respond when someone asks why oil prices are what they are? Some experts offer some words of advice.


A helping hand: Geologist Tako Koning spent most of his career finding oil in Africa, but in retirement he’s finding something in Angola that might be even more important – a chance for people there to beat drought and disease.


What’s lighter than air and quietly vanishing before our eyes? If you said helium, you may also know that the hunt for its presence may be New Mexico’s next hot play.

Sudden impact: Can meteor-caused craters be the key to finding new oil and gas reservoirs?

Minipermeameter gives field data and recognition for innovative technology to AAPG member Cynthia Dinwiddie.


Just how valuable is the Gulf of Mexico? Valuable enough for one group to start an initiative to ensure its protection – from both natural and man-made threats.

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