Committees: Nomination and Election

Chair-Elect Candidate Steven Goolsby

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Steven Goolsby
Steven Goolsby

I would like to express my appreciation to the Nomination and Election Committee for asking me to run for chair-elect of the House of Delegates this year. I consider it an honor to be nominated. AAPG has made significant contributions to my professional growth in the oil and gas industry, and has fostered my passion for the science of geology during my career. I believe the main reason that AAPG continues to inspire me is the House of Delegates keeps the organization relevant by providing ongoing dynamic feedback and leadership from our membership. I cannot imagine AAPG without the HoD, and if elected I will work diligently to ensure that the House continues to function as an integral part of AAPG.

AAPG is the premier oil and gas geoscience organization in the world today. Many of us in AAPG have grappled with how to ensure that we retain this standing by continuing to attract cutting edge geoscientists to the organization.

Membership statistics indicate the AAPG is facing several challenges in fulfilling this goal. For example, we have a problem “bridging” Student members and degreed Associates over to full membership. We still are struggling with how to attract international membership in many areas of the world. Several controversial proposals have been forwarded to the HoD to address these and several other problems we have in the organization.

One of the major roles of the House of Delegates is to resolve these controversies by debating the merits of each viewpoint and then implementing the best possible proposal that will serve the good of the Association and its members. This task is critical to the growth and vitality of the AAPG.

Many of us have grappled with how to solve these problems while still ensuring that we retain the high professional standards we have had within the Association in the past. If elected, I will work to ensure that issues like this, and the conflicting opinions surrounding them, are brought before the HoD in a transparent and timely manner.

I was introduced to the AAPG when I first attended a national convention in Dallas in the early 1970s. Both the cutting edge science presented at the meeting and the professional deportment of the individuals presenting the science impressed me. I decided then that I would join the AAPG as soon as I could afford it, and I have been proud of my membership in the organization ever since. Should I be elected, I therefore stand ready to help the House of Delegates ensure that the AAPG continues to be the premier oil and gas professional geological organization in the world.

Academic Degrees and Certifications
  • 2008 Ph.D. geology, Colorado School of Mines
  • 1975 B.S. geology, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Wyoming Professional Geologist #PG-1927
  • AAPG/DPA Certified Petroleum Geologist #4053
Professional Experience
  • 2011-Present Foreland Resources, exploration geologist
  • 2009-Present Vecta Oil and Gas, exploration geologist
  • 2005-Present Coyote Oil and Gas, managing partner
  • 1981-Present Goolsby Brothers & Associates, co-owner
  • 1981-88 American Hunter Exploration, exploration geologist
  • 1980-81 Aquarian Consultants, geological well site supervision
  • 1978-80 Colorado Geological Survey, coal geologist
  • 1978 American Stratigraphic Co., petrographer
  • 1977-78 Geoexplorer Associates, uranium geologist
  • 1976 U.S. Geological Survey, geological field assistant
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • 35 year AAPG Member
  • DPA, EMD and DEG member
  • 2015 ACE DPA vice chair
  • 2014 AAPG Distinguished Service Award
  • 2013-14 HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee, vice chair
  • 2012-14 HoD Group chair, RMAG
  • 2008-14 HoD delegate
  • 2013 Membership Recruitment Committee co-chair
  • 2012-13 HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee, chair
  • 2011-12 HoD Credentials Committee
  • 2010-11 HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee, vice chair
  • 2002-11 Publications Committee
  • 2009 AAPG poster chair, AAPG annual convention
  • 2005-08 HoD alternate delegate
  • 2004-05 HoD Honors and Awards Committee, HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • 2002-05 HoD delegate
  • 1998-2005 Preservation of Cores and Samples Committee
  • 2003-04 Secretary/editor, House of Delegates
  • 2003 Employment Chair, annual convention
  • 2002-03 HoD Resolutions Committee
  • 1994 Continuing Education chair, annual convention
Other Professional Societies
  • Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists
    • 2008 President
    • 2007 President-elect
    • 1999-2002 Employment Committee chair
    • 1996-2002 Core and Sample Preservation Committee chair
    • 1987-93 Continuing Education Committee chair
    • 1988 First vice president, guidebook co-editor
  • Houston Geological Society
  • Society of Sedimentary Geology
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Institute of Mining Engineers
  • Society of Profession Well Log Analysts
  • Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
  • Denver Well Log Society
  • Wyoming Geological Association
  • Sigma Gamma Epsilon - Honorary Geological Scholastic Society
  • Alpha Chi - National Honorary Scholastic Society 

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