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Kristie Luchtel Ferguson
Kristie Luchtel Ferguson

The Honors and Awards Committee has worked diligently across the oceans and time zones to bring forth the highest awards for 2014 for the House of Delegates. In the next Delegates’ Voice, we will publish a brief biography for these much deserving members. The Honorary Member of the House, Distinguished Members of the House, House Long Service and nine and 15-year certificates will be presented at the Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston on April 6.

Honorary Member of the House Award – Presented “in recognition of a record of consistent dedicated and exemplary service to the HoD through committee work and officer service.”

  • Edward Wyman Heath, Rocky Mountain Section, Durango, Colo.

Distinguished Member of the House Award – Presented “in recognition of the unique or exemplary service to the House through committee work.”

  • Margaret Anne Rogers, Rocky Mountain Section, Los Alamos, N.M.
  • Paul William Britt, Gulf Coast Section, Houston.

House Long Service Award – Presented “in recognition of persons who have served as delegates for a minimum of four terms and have, in addition, taken an active role in the affairs of the House.”

  • Terry L. Hollrah, Mid-Continent Section, Oklahoma City.
  • Royce P. Carr, Gulf Coast Section, Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Many thanks and praises are due to Regina Gill and Jenifer Gilbert at headquarters for arranging the teleconferences for our committee. This extremely loyal and flexible committee included: Mark Rainer, Mick McWalter, David Brown, Patrick Gooding, Isabelle Le Nir, Maurice Birdwell, Rusty Riese, Stefano Mazzoni and Tom Anderson. With a 14-hour time zone difference, someone always had to call in the middle of the night. Thank you all for your service to the HoD.

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