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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
David Hawk
David Hawk

Fellow members of AAPG: It is my pleasure to serve Larry Wickstrom, and through him the House of Delegates and all AAPG members and associates as chair of the HoD Rules and Procedures Committee. Fellow committee members are vice chair Terry Hollrah, Karen S. Glaser, Charlotte Klenk, Robert C. Shoup, Laura C. Zahm and Steve P. Zody. Collectively we range from Ohio to Texas, from Idaho to Malaysia. Our task is to review the Rules and Procedures of the House, review any proposed changes, and recommend, to the chair of the House, any changes and/or retention of status quo.

By way of review, the AAPG Constitution and Bylaws determine “How the AAPG” is governed and organized. It provides for the election of officers and lines of authority. Whereas, the HoD Rules and Procedures exist to determine “How the House” is governed and organized. A change of the Rules and Procedures requires a simple majority vote of the delegates present and voting at the annual meeting. Amending or adding to the Constitution and Bylaws requires a two-thirds affirmative vote of the delegates in attendance and voting at the annual meeting.

At this time the Rules and Procedures Committee is only considering some housekeeping changes. Where the term “Active member” is used the word “Active” should be dropped because that category of membership no longer exists. Member status falls only into the following categories: Member, Student, Emeritus, Honorary and Associate. If one has met all the member qualifications and has joined they would be a Member of AAPG. If one has not met all the criteria they are joining as an Associate of AAPG or as a Student member.

We also are considering a date change when the affiliated societies and Regions report the number of Members on their roles from which they become eligible to have a certain number of delegates. (See proposed changes)

This year the topic generating the most interest seems to be a proposed change to the Constitution and Bylaws removing the requirement for three sponsors, two of which are AAPG Members. Having references certainly falls on the side of tradition and appropriate vetting of one’s character. Dropping the requirement respects the cultural differences in many regions, recognizes that ethics and character have not been a problem over the years, and will speed the process encouraging a growth in membership.

I personally believe the generation of young geologists, their drivers and information access is different from that of previous generations, especially that of “war babies” like myself – and no that is not a reference to the Spanish American War, but I guess I am closer to that than I am Star Wars. Times evolve, as has our organization.

To meet our agreed upon goal of being the preeminent geoscience information body in the world we have been evolving. We are truly international and we do compete for membership growth at home and abroad. These all are factors to be considered when forming an opinion on the issues before the House. Honest and open discourse will trump suspicion and discord every time. Please share your views.

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