Playmaker 2.0 - DPA does it again!

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Charles Sternbach
Charles Sternbach

The Playmaker 2.0 Forum will be held Jan. 23 at the Norris Conference Center in Houston. The AAPG forum is organized by its Division of Professional Affairs and co-hosted with the AAPG Education Department. You can register online for this one-day event at www.aapg.org/forum/2014/playmaker.

Many explorers will travel from far and wide to hear some of the best oil finders in our business talk about prospecting skills, the art of exploration, work flows, and successful and emerging plays by those who know them well. The forum of experts and experienced playmakers will:

  • Help geoscientists, landmen, engineers and explorers gain improved understanding of scientific and commercial requirements for successful prospect generation.
  • Inspire explorers to see “the big picture” in terms of petroleum systems.
  • Teach geoscientists how to cultivate exploration creativity.
  • Demonstrate how geochemistry can “seal the deal” and support ideas.
  • Show how data integration can identify bypassed pays and bypassed plays.
  • Provide improved interaction with the public and landholders.
  • Ensure the highest degree of professionalism and ethics in their professional activities.

This year’s keynote luncheon speaker will be AAPG past president Scott Tinker, director of the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, who will discuss shale plays, sweet spots and production insights. Brad Berg with Anadarko Petroleum and SPE distinguished lecturer, will discuss “Characterizing Shale Plays – The Importance of Recognizing What You Don’t Know.”

Specific plays that will be used for the topics include the Bakken, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Barnett, Fayetteville and Haynesville shales, plus emerging plays in Canada and Mexico.

Other headliners, Jim Bob Moffett and Bud Brigham, will share lessons from their illustrious careers. Both legendary explorers have succeeded greatly and will receive DPA Heritage Awards at the forum. You will have the opportunity to meet, ask questions and congratulate these courageous explorers. Please see the full listing of all the speakers and topics in the program detail at www.aapg.org/forum/2014/playmaker/schedule.cfm.

Attendees will receive a copy of the program book AND the popular DPA publication “Heritage of the Petroleum Geologist” (also available to all new DPA members or from AAPG bookstore). Events like Playmaker can be the front line for mentoring Young Professionals. DPA welcomes new members with registration discounts at this and future events, plus a lot of useful professional information online at dpa.aapg.org/join.cfm

DPA has formed a Playmaker Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Charles Sternbach. Other members of this committee include Rick Fritz, Greg Hebertson, John Hogg, Marty Hewitt, Bill Haskett, David Dolph, Mike Party and Tom Bowman.

Prospect expos are popular events around the globe and programs providing professional skill sets are greatly needed. The committee is looking for ways to meet this need in multiple venues and welcome proactive members to the Playmaker committee.

I believe professional geoscientists and DPA members are best in the world at creating prospects and turning them into discoveries. We are passionate about providing global energy while pursuing professional excellence. This success drives economic engines of our world, our stakeholders, personal fortunes and, yes, AAPG and DPA (see July 2013 EXPLORER).

*Recommended reading: “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins (2001).

Want to see “The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Oil Finders,” “Creativity in Exploration,” “How to Market Your Prospect?” Speakers from the original Playmaker Forum are ready to coach you at a computer near you. These and other useful talks are available on the DPA webpage. Special thanks to Linda Sternbach for recording, editing, producing and making the videos available. See DPA website for details.

Programs like Playmaker showcase bright spots in what Divisions can offer all AAPG members and help fulfill DPA’s goal to “empower geologists to discover energy and excel in business.” These days AAPG’s Divisions are striving more than ever to be content engines for the good of all AAPG members. For DPA, programs like Playmaker help fulfill that mission.

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