Credentials Committee

Ryan Lemiski, 2013-14 Credentials Committee Chair
Ryan Lemiski, 2013-14 Credentials Committee Chair

As of 9:08 a.m. Sunday, April 6, 2014, 195 delegates were seated prior to the report from the Credentials Committee.

The total number of elected delegates is 226; therefore, the presence of 114 delegates was required for a quorum during the House of Delegates meeting.

With no opposition, the additional delegates were seated and given privileges of the floor. This resulted in an attendance of 207 out of a possible 226 delegates (92 percent!).

Notes/recommendations for next year
  1. Delegates were confused by the signage at the check-in table. Several delegates made the comment that the font was too small and they were unsure whether or not the lines were organized by last name or by the name of their respective region/affiliated society. Let’s plan to ‘beef’ up signage for the 2015 meeting.
  2. The Credentials Committee found it beneficial to stay at the check-in table well in to the start of the House of Delegates meeting. There were plenty of questions due to the large number of additional delegates that were waiting to be voted on to the floor. In addition to those who were awaiting approval from the HoD, a total of 17 delegates checked in between 8 and 9 a.m.
  3. If audience response devices are to be used at the 2015 meeting in Denver, then it is suggested that these devices be handed out to each delegate as they check in. This procedure will allow the Credentials Committee to identify those that have checked in and to determine who should and should not be behind the ropes.

Thank you to Credentials Committee members Steven Goolsby, Robert Shoup, Tom Anderson and Kara Bennett for their early attendance and for aiding with the greeting and check-in of delegates.

Congratulations to Chair-elect Robert Shoup and Secretary/ Editor-elect Tom Anderson! HoD leadership is in good hands. Finally, thank you to Regina Gill for her support of this committee. The check-in process is smooth and painless because of her guidance.

It was a privilege to serve as chair of the Credentials Committee and I thank the HoD leadership for this wonderful opportunity.

See you in Denver.

Credentials Committee members: Ryan Lemiski, chair; Steven Goolsby, Robert Shoup, Thomas Anderson and Kathleen “Kara” Bennett.

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