Nomination and Election Committee

Ed Rothman, 2013-14 Nomination and Election Committee Chair
Ed Rothman, 2013-14 Nomination and Election Committee Chair

I enjoyed the Houston ACE meeting. The technical sessions and social events were excellent. The Houston Geological Society and AAPG need to be commended for the great convention. The HoD also had a successful meeting in Houston. There was much debate over the sponsorship issue, but I think it was resolved in a fair and equitable manner.

I’d like to thank my committee members for their work in selecting the candidates to run for HoD office and their assistance in administering the election at the meeting. The committee nominated four very qualified delegates to run for office.

I’m sure you all know that Robert C. Shoup from the Asia-Pacific Region was elected chair-elect and Thomas C. Anderson from Rocky Mountain section was elected secretary/editor. I’d like to express my and this committee’s congratulations to both of them.

It was an enjoyable year working with the HoD officers, Chair Larry Wickstrom, Secretary/Editor Dan Billman and Chair-Elect Dave Dolph. I know the HoD will be in good hands when Dave takes over as the chair. Larry put together a good team of committee chairs and it was a pleasure working with them. I’m sure that if Dave contacts me about being on a committee, I’ll be ready to serve.

Finally, I’d like to thank Regina Gill and Linda Burris at the Tulsa headquarters for all the help and support that they gave to the Nomination and Election Committee. They do a wonderful job assisting the HoD.

Nomination and Election Committee members: Ed Rothman, chair; Maren Blair, vice-chair; Rafal Kudrewicz, Patrick McCarthy, Wan Yang, Nancy Fix, Mark Gallagher, Clint Moore, Barry Goldstein and Rob Diedrich.

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