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Unconventional Resources is the theme of the July issue of the AAPG Explorer and it’s online now

In this issue, we cover the worldwide development of unconventional resource basins, and we have a story explaining the key to the resiliency of U.S. shale production, along with other highlights from next month’s Unconventional Resources Convention (URTeC) in San Antonio.

We also take a look at this year’s Harrison J. Schmitt Award winner, AAPG photographer Gary Barchfeld.

And, of course, we have all of our regular columns, with updates about the Association and other industry news.

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The June issue of the AAPG Explorer is our Annual Convention and Exhibition issue, and it’s online now.

In this issue, we shine the spotlight on some of our AAPG award winners, including Paul E. Potter, this year’s Sidney Powers Memorial Award winner; Scott Tinker, this year’s Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award winner; and Dick Stoneburner, this year’s Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award winner.

Along with this and other coverage of the upcoming ACE in Calgary, Canada, the June issue also includes our annual Salary Survey, as well as some coverage of how the ongoing downturn is affecting cities and states that historically depend on oil revenue.

And we have other industry and Association news, along with all of our regular columns and features.

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The May issue of the AAPG Explorer is our inaugural Women in Geosciences issue, and it’s online now.

We have coverage of the AAPG PROWESS Committee and some of its activities at the upcoming Annual Convention and Exhibition in Calgary, Canada, a profile on the Explorer’s own Susan R. Eaton, and a piece on ongoing efforts to recruit women into the geosciences by emphasizing STEM fields.

We also have a story about the ongoing efforts to characterize Argentina’s Vaca Muerte shale play, and coverage of how many companies are using Big Data to stay competitive in the downturn.

And we have other industry and Association news, along with all of our regular columns and features.

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The April issue of the AAPG Explorer is our annual Offshore Developments issue, and it’s online now.

We have coverage of the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, a snapshot of production in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a look at some recent innovations in offshore exploration and production.

We also have a story about the tremendous ecological benefit offshore oil rigs bring to marine life.

And we have other news from the industry and from within the AAPG, along with all of our regular columns and features.

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Our March issue of the AAPG Explorer is our annual Seismic Advances issue, and it’s online now.

We have coverage of the most recent trends in computational seismology, Big Data management for seismic imaging, and development of a more environmentally-friendly method of shooting seismic.

We also have coverage of a major discovery recently made in Egypt – a land known for rich hydrocarbon resources and huge exploration opportunity.

We also have other news from the industry and from within the AAPG, along with all of our regular columns and features.

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Oil prices, oversupply and the Middle East dominate recent industry-related headlines, and we have all three covered in this, the inaugural Middle East Review issue of the AAPG Explorer, which is now online.

The February issue covers the entire Middle East Region, including a report on the expected production increases for the year to come, the upcoming GEO 2016 conference in Bahrain and other regional highlights.

In addition, we look back at Shell’s surprising decision to pull out of the Arctic last year, including some interesting theories on what might have gone wrong.

We also have other news from the industry and from within the Association, along with all of our regular columns and features.

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The January issue of the AAPG Explorer – our annual World Developments issue – is now available online.

Our coverage this month includes major global developments over the last year as well as predictions for the next ten years as oil-producing countries adapt to the new realities of the world oil market.

Here are a few of the stories you can read this month:

  • Discovery highlights from around the world.
  • “The Accidental Superpower”-author Peter Zeihan’s predictions for the rising and falling world oil powers of the next decade.
  • A look at the budding “shale boom” potential in Argentina.
  • A new tool vastly reduces downtime by effectively managing big data in the oilfield.

In addition, the 2016 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) Calgary Technical Program and Registration announcement is included with the January Explorer.

This month’s issue also has coverage of the AAPG/AAPG Foundation’s expanded Visiting Geoscientist program, a commentary on AAPG’s role in the public debate over climate change, as well as all of our regular columns and features, including an update on the Executive Committee’s restructuring plans for AAPG.

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Find out who are AAPG's "Best of the Best" – this year's honors and award winners are announced.

It’s also our annual Downhole Geology issue, which includes:

  • A story on a revolutionary technology that might be the biggest game-changer since 3-D seismic.
  • A look at how porosity can be used to create better predictive models for better drilling decisions.
  • The 2016-17 Executive Committee Candidates.
  • The highly anticipated preliminary recommendations of the AAPG Ad Hoc Committee on Governance.

We also have a story on how the U.S. oil industry has set the world standard for informing public opinion, along with other features and news stories and all of our regular columns.

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The November AAPG Explorer is our annual Exploration Innovations issue.

Coverage this month centers on how invention and innovation can thrive in a challenging global oil market – and we spotlight not only AAPG members who have found better, more efficient and cost-effective ways to find and produce hydrocarbons, but also innovations in energy policy that will affect the global oil market for decades to come.

Stories include:

  • A look at new sensor technology that is grabbing headlines and attention throughout the industry.
  • India's aggressive steps to ramp up oil exploration and production.
  • A new method for extracting dissolved natural gas from groundwater.
  • Improved hydrocarbon detection using technologies alongside seismic and satellite data.

The November Explorer also includes stories on this season's renowned Distinguished Lecture program; land loss along the Louisiana coast; the recent AAPG-SEG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) in Melbourne, Australia; and a variety of features, news stories and regular columns.

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The October AAPG Explorer is our annual Geophysical Review.

In it you’ll find a current overview of the state of the geophysical industry – and what some companies are doing to battle the global downturn in oil prices. (Hint: There’s some good news, too, in the form of ongoing innovations and acquisitions in the geophysical industry.)

The October lineup includes:

  • How previously ignored aspects of 3-D seismic can be leveraged for more data and better efficiencies.
  • How Mexico’s newly opened E&P prospects are driving new interest in 2-D seismic data for the region.
  • Coverage from various angles on the uptick in induced seismicity in Oklahoma and elsewhere in the United States.
  • The conclusion of our series on Mars exploration, as explained by members of AAPG’s Astrogeology Committee.

The October Explorer also includes a profile on Joe Satterfield, the AAPG Foundation’s 2015 Professor of the Year and more.

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Written by members of the DPA (Division of Professional Affairs) for the members of the DPA, Correlator is published quarterly. Articles cover professional development topics as well as matters of ethics and DPA business.

Recently Added in Correlator

In this issue: DPA President’s Column, What is DPA Doing to Help in This Downturn?, Why DPA?, Fourth Quarter in the Capital, AAPG Links Helpful to Those Seeking Employment, Playmaker Forums Highlight Ways to Success, Taking AAPG and DPA Into Universities.

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In this issue: President's Column, DPA Continuing Education Committee Update, Events Around the Capitols: New U.S. Regulations Abount, Regions and Sections: Southwest Section DPA Update, DPA Vice President's Column, DPA Officers.

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In this issue: President's Column, AAPG/DPA Playmaker Committee, Midland Playmakers Program, Washington, D.C., Needs You More Than Ever, Letter From the Editor.

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The Delegates Voice is published quarterly. It is written by the leadership of the HoD (House of Delegates), the body of delegates representing the members of AAPG, and edited by the HoD Secretary/Editor, who is nominated annually. The focus of Delegates Voice is activities and issues of the HoD. This publication is available only to AAPG members.

Note to AAPG Members: Please log in to read the Delegates Voice.

Recently Added in Delegates Voice

In this issue: Why DPA?, In the Beginning..., Editor's Corner, Politics and Professionalism, New HoD Ad Hoc Committee on the Role of the House of Delegates, Survey PowerPoint Results, Year End Summary.

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August issue of the Delegates Voice.
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April issue of the Delegates Voice.

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February issue of the Delegates Voice.

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October 2014 issue of the Delegates Voice.

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March 2014 issue of the Delegates' Voice

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The Division of Environmental Geosciences membership produces Spheres of Influence quarterly. The goals of this newsletter include addressing current events and engaging the DEG members. It also is a tool for communicating across the divisions of AAPG while highlighting upcoming environmental geoscience issues.

Recently Added in Spheres of Influence

In this issue of SOI we bring you a word from the president Jeff Aldrich and Editor in Chief Michele Cooney. We announce our DEG Honors and Awards, bring you Washington, D.C.'s Clean River Project, "Good, Bad, and Ugly" style and also highlight the DEG Mission Statement and Purpose.

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Welcome to the first issue of Spheres of Influence for the new year. In this edition we introduce you to DEG Vice President Bruce Smith; publish columns from DEG president Jeffrey Aldrich and editor-in-chief, Michele Cooney; offer a book review; and dish on the periodic table, “Good, Bad and Ugly” style.

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This quarter we treat you to biographies of president-elect, Timothy Murin, and secretary-treasurer, Sean Kimiagar; provide columns from DEG President, Jeffrey Aldrich, and editor-in-chief Michele Cooney; and address the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan "Good, Bad, and Ugly" style.

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This issue of SOI includes lots of interesting pieces. First and foremost, we introduce you to our new president, Jeffrey Aldrich. We also include a preview of the upcoming issue of Environmental Geosciences amd give a shout-out to all our DEG award winners from this year's ACE. And finally, we've prepared a discussion regarding methane emissions, techniques for monitoring and opportunities for reducing fugitive emissions.

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This issue introduces you to our lead editors, Michele Cooney and Jennifer Delaney, gives a preview of the upcoming issue of Environmental Geosciences, and presents the topic of the Keystone XL Pipeline project, “Good, Bad, and Ugly” style. We also offer a “Rant” on risk perception, so please read on.

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In this issue: Meet our new Secretary/Treasurer; Carbon, Taxes, Attitudes to Global Warming, and AAPG — A Response; Climate Change Committee Proposal; Beauty in Geology — Monterey, California.

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In this issue: Meet our New Vice President Dirk A. Nieuwland, Message From the Editors-In-Chiefs Desk, Carbon, Taxes, Attitudes to Global Warming, and AAPG, and Petroleum Firsts... First Recognition of the Greenhouse Gas Effect.
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In this issue: Introducing our New President Jeffrey G. Paine, Message From the Editors-In-Cheifs Desk, and Petroleum Firsts....
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In this issue: Message From the Editor-In-Chief’s Desk, Hydraulic Fracturing in the News: Kansas task force to explore possible hydraulic fracturing, earthquake link, Book Review: Evidence from the Earth: Forensic Geology and Criminal Investigation.
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In this issue: Message From the Editor-In-Chief's Desk, A Look-back Into the Archives: Sustainability of Energy and Water,
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