For all papers accepted for publication in the 2017 calendar year, the journal shall assess AAPG member authors mandatory page charges of $50 for the 10th and each subsequent typeset page. The mandatory charge for excess page shall be $75 per page for nonmember authors. Authors shall be asked to pay voluntary charges of $25 per page for the first 9 pages.

The exact number of pages in an article cannot be confirmed until shortly before publication. However, a reasonable estimate is the number of double-spaced text pages (including references) divided by 3 plus the number of figures and tables multiplied by 0.6. [(x/3)+(y+z)*0.6]. Billing will take place after composition of the paper is complete. No charges are assessed if a submitted manuscript is not published.

In addition to these charges, there may be charges for changes requested in the typeset proofs that alter the text or figures in the accepted manuscript. The AAPG Publications Department staff will determine such charges from the proofs that reflect the changes.

It is AAPG's policy to suspend publication privileges of any author who has a past-due account with the association.

Hardship Relief

AAPG does not intend for page charges to prevent any author from publishing in the journal. AAPG expects that all authors with the personal, research-grant, or institutional resources to pay voluntary and mandatory page charges will do so.

For more information on hardship relief and whether you qualify or questions about the page charges, contact .

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