New Candidate Q and A Videos Now Online


New Q&A videos featuring all six officer candidates for the 2015-16 AAPG Executive Committee are now available online, where they will remain through the rest of the election season.

Also available on the AAPG website are the “bio videos,” introduced last month as a way to allow members around the world to meet the candidates on a virtual basis, plus their printed biographies and other individual information.

The newest candidate videos shows all six responding to six specific questions, intended to allow members around the world to have a better idea into the thoughts, priorities and visions of those running for office. Those questions include:

  • When and how did you decide to become a geologist – and why?
  • What has been your experience with AAPG?
  • What is the main issue facing the profession today?
  • How could you help AAPG be a better association?
  • Why did you agree to stand for office?

Printed information on the candidates also was included in the February 2015 EXPLORER.

Members can vote one of two ways: You can use the printed ballots that were mailed, or you can vote online via the voting access emailed at the end of March.

If both options are used, however, the mailed printed ballot will be used as the official vote cast by members.

The voting deadline is May 15.

The person voted president-elect will serve in that capacity for one year and will be AAPG president for 2016-17. The terms for vice president and secretary are two years.

To view the videos, go to the Officer Candidates page on this website.

The slate is:

  • Paul W. Britt, Texplore Inc., Houston.
  • Gretchen M. Gillis, Aramco Services Co., Houston.
Vice President-Regions
  • Adebayo O. Akinpelu, Fixital Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Peter M. Lloyd, Asia Pacific Training Ltd., Falicon, France.
  • Heather L. LaReau, Noble Energy Inc., Denver.
  • Nicole S. Morris, FireWheel Energy LLC, Fort Worth.

Associate and Student members are not eligible to vote. If you would like to upgrade your membership status so you may vote in future elections, contact your delegate or an AAPG Member Services representative.

Watch a video now.

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