Learning is important—now more than ever. How do you equip yourself for changing times? How do you deepen and broaden your knowledge? Here is an informal place to find out what we’re doing, what we’re planning, and how we’re listening to you. Dr. Susan Nash, AAPG’s Director of Education and Professional Development, shares the new territory she’s introducing to AAPG with courses and dynamic new workshops. She is also planning more interactive, Web 2.0 offerings. So, give her your input about the best and worst of the wild and woolly world of webinars, Web-based training, and open courseware.

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We're in our third year of downturn, and yet there is quite a bit of activity in some plays such as the Permian Basin and the STACK play in the U.S. MidContinent and in Middle East fields. The reasons have to do with increased efficiency in drilling and completing horizontal wells, and the ability to recover reserves that were previously not recoverable.

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Welcome to an interview with the Panton Data Science Team, who are working in drone-based projects where they are pushing the envelope with respect to applications and accuracy, thanks to a unique approach to data collection and analytics.

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Drone technologies and applications are quickly evolving and it is useful to take stock of the new equipment, sensors, and capabilities. What are some of the new directions and new developments that we are seeing with drones? What are some of the threats? Welcome to an interview with Kelly Coble of BCAeronautics in which he discusses how his company is incorporating changes to improve oil and gas exploration and production.

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The pitches are starting to flow in! To be held in conjunction with the Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) on April 6 in Houston, Pitchapalooza features pitches, but with a twist. Each will feature an innovative use of technology, techniques, and scientific discoveries.

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New analytical techniques that work with a massive volume of data of extremely wide variety are enabling geoscientists and engineers to understand the nature and extent of reservoirs in ways never possible before. Welcome to an interview with Kamal Hami-Eddine, Paradigm, who explains big data and deep learning as they are being used today in the petroleum exploration and production.

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One event gets you deep learning, big data and applications you can put into action now.

Attend the AAPG Deepwater and Shelf Reservoirs: Big Data, New Knowledge and Analytics for Enhanced Results, 24-25 January 2017, Houston, TX.

Kick off the year with 2 full days of breakthrough tools you’ll use again and again.

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You may be an operator with a 30-well field well that desperately needs revitalization. You’ve done the numbers, you’ve investigated the equipment you’ll need, and you’ve reviewed the technologies that will do the trick. But, you’re short on ready money and capital, thanks to the oil price collapse that is now going into its third year.

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Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems are taking off! Companies are embracing drones and applications, just as technology and new innovations are creating new opportunities every day. Reserve a booth or exhibit space.

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One of the most exciting new breakthroughs in discovering the connectivity in reservoirs is the use of detrital zircon. Welcome to an interview with Glenn Sharman, University of Texas at Austin, who is developing effective new techniques and approaches that will lead to accurate characterization of reservoir connectivity.

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Optimizing reservoirs and developing an ever-evolving intelligent model of a reservoir are key concerns for operators, particularly in challenging times. For that reason, they must have good production geologists on hand. A production geologist bridges a number of disciplines, most notably geology and engineering, but also geochemistry, geophysics, and numerical methods. Welcome to an interview with Terngu Utim who discusses production geology, its new potential and opportunities.

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