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The 2016 semifinal participants included Universidad Simón Bolíviar and Universidad Central de Venezuela, both from Caracas, Venezuela; Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, from Lima, Peru; and University of the West Indies, from St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago.
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Earth Science Week is an international event that helps grade school students and teachers understand Earth science and to be good stewards of the planet. Since 1998, the American Geosciences Institute has organized, publicized and provided materials for this grass roots effort, which depends on local geoscience and education groups to be successful. In 2016, AAPG volunteers in Latin America & Caribbean are working with local partners to take the initiative to schools throughout the region. Javed Razack, vice president of the AAPG Trinidad and Tobago Young Professionals Chapter, shares his experience with Earth Science Week in the following article.

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Interested in finding solid science and effective strategies to survive and thrive in the current industry downturn?

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This year's Region competition is the largest ever, with 20 teams from eight countries.
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Announcing the January 2016 AAPG Discover, the Latin America and Caribbean Region newsletter.

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The AAPG YP Trinidad & Tobago Chapter started 2016 with another successful field trip, this time to Trinidad's Southwest Peninsula. 

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Join E&P leaders at the SPE/AAPG Colombia Offshore Workshop—Challenges and Opportunities for an Emerging Industry to be held 2-3 March 2016 in Bogotá, Colombia. This technical workshop, jointly organized by AAPG and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) provides ground-breaking learning opportunities, including the exchange of ideas and lessons learned from other offshore regions.

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The first international book published on the petroleum geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Colombian Caribbean Margin is now available for purchase in the AAPG Store.

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Presented by two of the world’s largest professional societies, ICE Cancun offers a platform of unmatched exposure for the geosciences community and for you, your company and/or your institutions ideas, innovations and breakthroughs.

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Looking for hassle free, cost-effective ways to keep your employees and your company competitive during the industry downturn? AAPG can provide you with customized in-house courses offered at reasonable rates.
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